Man arrested for fake bomb scare at Trolley Square

By Erin Alberty

The Salt Lake Tribune

Published: March 21, 2012 03:31PM
Updated: March 25, 2012 11:19PM

A man dressed in a security uniform allegedly called police Tuesday night and falsely reported there were bombs in Trolley Square.

The man, 36, made the 911 calls at about 10 p.m. from Smith’s Marketplace downtown and a nearby TRAX station, Salt Lake City police reported Wednesday.

When officers found the man at the TRAX station, he was wearing a security uniform and duty belt. The man said he doesn’t work for any security company but volunteers his services to the community, police wrote.

No bombs were found at Trolley Square, and the man was arrested on suspicion of making a false alarm regarding a weapon of mass destruction.