Worker injured when wall lands on him in Kaysville
Published: March 13, 2012 02:23PM
Updated: March 13, 2012 01:38PM

A construction worker was seriously injured when a wall fell on him in Kaysville Tuesday morning, authorities said.

It happened as several workers put up a wooden wall at the intersection of Nichols Road and Main Street, the site of a new building, said Kaysville Fire Chief Brett Larkin.

A gust of wind hit just as they were trying to fix the wall in place about 8 a.m., and it tipped over, landing on the 29-year-old man, Larkin said. Winds were blowing at 30 to 40 mph across Utah Tuesday morning, according to the National Weather Service. The wall was about 8 feet high and 20 to 30 feet long.

The man was conscious and breathing at the scene, but flown to Ogden Regional Medical Center with possible chest and spinal injuries.

He is expected to recover, Larkin said.

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