High winds fan fire at Midvale house
Published: March 13, 2012 08:36AM
Updated: March 13, 2012 02:17PM

High winds fanned the flames at a Midvale house fire that caused about $100,000 in damage early Tuesday morning.

Neighbors knocking on the door helped a 19-year-old man and dog escape the house before firefighters arrived shortly before 6 a.m., said Unified Fire Capt. Cliff Burningham.

The fire started in the two-car garage on the 8000 South block of Wood Street (55 West). By the time crews arrived the home was engulfed in flames. Winds of about 30 mph pushed the flames south until they were threatening neighboring houses, though fire crews were able to protect the other structures.

The blaze destroyed a truck in the garage and damaged a pickup truck and a camper shell outside the garage, Burningham said. The back of the approximately 1,600-square-foot house, where the kitchen and dining room are located, was also seriously damaged.

The family was selling the house, and had already moved most of their furniture and personal things to a new home, he said. The fire took crews about 30 minutes to put out and the cause is under investigation.


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