The Mundi Project: Air Classical Music
Published: February 23, 2012 01:40PM
Updated: February 23, 2012 01:40PM

The Mundi Project will be presenting a series of piano concerts called "Air" March 21 through May 29.

In preparation for the “Air” concerts, the organization is partnering and collaborating with the Utah Cultural Celebration Center, Repertory Dance Theatre, the Sorenson Unity Center, and the Salt Lake School District in a project that brings attention to environmental and geological issues.

The purpose of Mundi Project Piano Ambassadors is to introduce audiences to classical piano literature that expresses the different components of air through piano performance, visual art, dance, and the spoken word.

Throughout February and March, Mundi Project is providing dance and art workshops to youth to several after-school programs in the Salt Lake School District that combine artwork with learning about sustainable/alternative energy sources, air-quality, aero-nautical science, sound waves, and cosmic rays. This artwork becomes an integral part in the final performance performances.

All performances are free and open to the general public.

March 21, 2012 May 10, 2012 May 15, 2012

6:30 p.m. Air Faire 7 p.m. Concert 6:30 p.m. Concert

7 p.m. Glendale Middle School Rose Park Elementary

Utah Cultural Celebration Center California Ave @1248 West 1105 West 1000 North

1355 West 3100 South