Tonight: Target is going all out for ‘Twilight’ fans
Late-night event • Never-before-seen clips and a special-edition DVD available Friday.
Published: February 10, 2012 08:47AM
Updated: February 10, 2012 09:46AM
Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart star in "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 1." Courtesy Andrew Cooper | Summit Entertainment

Hey, all you Twi-hards, has Target got a treat for you!

True “Twilight” fans have, no doubt, been counting down to Saturday for months. But for the rest of you, Saturday, Feb. 11 marks the release date of “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn — Part 1” on DVD.

To mark the occasion, 500 Target stores across the nation — including four along the Wasatch Front — will be staying open late and hosting the “ultimate fan experience.”

Try not to hyperventilate as you read these details:

• Just before midnight, Target will screen a (gasp!) never-before-seen scene from “Breaking Dawn — Part II,” which will be released in theaters in November.

In this exclusive scene, fans will see Bell as a vampire for the first time (gasp!) and a clue from Alice will be revealed. It will unveil a major plot point from the fifth and final film.

(Well, it will reveal the major plot point to anyone who hasn’t read the book.)

• In addition, the presentation will include never-before-seen interviews from the movie set (gasp!) and a special Target greeting from cast members.

• When the clock strikes midnight, Twi-hards — who are generally up that late looking for vampires anyway — can purchase a special-edition DVD of “Breaking Dawn — Part 1” that will include more than just the DVD.

Are you sitting down for this?

The special-edition DVD includes an authentic flower from the set of Bella’s and Edward’s wedding scene encased in a collectible lucite keepsake.


The four Wasatch Front Target stores participating in this promotion are:

• Centerville (200 N. Market Place Drive, Centerville)

• Layton (815 W. 2000 North, Layton)

• Orem State Street (175 W. Center Street, Orem)

• Fort Union (7025 Park Centre Drive, Midvale)


And, please, Team Edward and Team Jacob, let’s all try to get along.