No one's getting kicked out of a UEP house
Published: March 27, 2012 07:19AM
Updated: February 6, 2012 04:42PM

Remember how I said last week that evictions might begin on UEP property because the taxes remained unpaid after a Jan. 31 deadline?

Yeah, a couple days later all that changed. Read the latest story here.

About $1 million has been paid to Mohave County sometime over the last month by Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints leaders, said court-appointed trust administrator Bruce Wisan. It's not totally clear exactly when the money was paid (though it would stand to reason sometime after Jan. 20, when FLDS leaders wrote him a letter saying it would be paid), but he didn't get confirmation from county officials until late last week.

So, no eviction proceedings are beginning.

Here's the payment breakdown as of Friday, according to Wisan:

- Over the last month, almost $930,000 has been paid to Mohave County.

- All of 2008 taxes have been paid and tax liens redeemed. (These were the most urgent in terms of possible tax sales.)

- Most of the outstanding taxes for 2009 have been paid, though about $132,000 is still owed on six parcels. Those parcels are mainly commercial properties controlled by FLDS, plus a couple controlled by non-members.

- About $630,000 is still outstanding on 2010.

- Another $1.10 million is still outstanding on 2011 taxes.