Merrill Osmond speaks up for Marie, against Enquirer
Published: February 1, 2012 04:16PM
Updated: February 1, 2012 04:16PM
File photo by Trent Nelson | The Salt Lake Tribune Justin, Merrill and Shane Osmond will be producing the inaugural Youth Pioneer Pageant in West Jordan around Pioneer Day weekend.

It's not uncommon for an entertainer to say a story in the National Enquirer is untrue.

It's rarer for an entertainer to do so in the middle of The Salt Lake Tribune's offices.

The Enquirer story claims that Marie Osmond's recent re-marriage to her first husband, Stephen Craig, is on the rocks. The headline reads" "Marie: 'I Divorced You Once and I Can Do It Again!'"

Not so, says Marie's older brother, Merrill Osmond, who was visiting the Tribune newsroom with two of his sons today to talk about another project.

"I just talked to Marie today, and she says it's not true," Merrill Osmond told Tribune editors.

You heard it here first.