... and cleaning the air
Published: February 1, 2012 03:58PM
Updated: February 1, 2012 03:58PM

Above: Gov. Herbert's air quality policy. Complete with Ronald Reagan's first wife.

- Seeking leadership: Herbert should act on air pollution - Salt Lake Tribune Editorial

Gov. Gary Herbert wants to go on record as being opposed to unhealthy levels of air pollution in Utah. And he plans to ask Utahns to do more individually to help clean up the air.
While we suppose that much is commendable, if unremarkable, we are hopeful there is more — much more — to the governor’s plan to attack the worsening air quality that is choking his constituents.
In heralding his Utah Clean Air Partnership initiative, Herbert said the industrial emissions have been reduced “dramatically” in recent years and that vehicle emissions and home energy use are now the worst polluters. That is true, but industry has done what it was required to do by state and federal regulations. And some, including Kennecott and two petroleum refineries, are asking to expand operations, threatening the gains they have made.
Counting on voluntary “partnerships” sounds just a bit like a Pollyanna solution. It’s human nature to continue to follow a routine, in this case driving miles to work, keeping thermostats high and putting up with inefficient energy use, rather than make drastic changes. ...

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