Stylish ‘Drive’ hits high gear in DVD release

Published: January 30, 2012 10:09AM
Updated: April 5, 2012 03:06PM

Photo courtesy Film District Ryan Gosling in a scene from "Drive."


Video •The stylish “Drive” is the kind of compact, lone-wolf movie that perhaps Steve McQueen would have starred in 45 years ago.

Ryan Gosling is a brooding Hollywood stunt driver and part-time getaway driver who becomes involved with a woman (Carey Mulligan) and a robbery gone awry. Director Nicolas Winding Refn (“Valhalla Rising”) creates a visually stunning L.A.-noir world wrapped around a simple story of a mythic hero who tries to save the damsel. Comic actor Albert Brooks also delivers an impressive performance in his first turn as a violent mobster.

The Blu-ray and DVD only have a few short featurettes covering the making of the movie and the car chases, though Gosling is strangely absent in all of them.

— Vince Horiuchi