Slamdance Festival announces its winners
Published: January 27, 2012 10:46AM
Updated: January 27, 2012 10:46AM

The 18th Annual Slamdance Film Festival just announced the feature film and short film recipients of this year’s awards in the Audience, Grand Jury, and Sponsored Award categories.

The award winners were announced at the annual Closing Night Awards Ceremony at the Treasure Mountain Inn.

The feature competition films in the Documentary and Narrative Programs are limited to first-time filmmakers working with production budgets less than $1 million.

Here are the award-winning films, with descriptions from Slamdance:


Audience Award for Feature Documentary: GETTING UP by Caskey Ebeling

Audience Award for Feature Narrative: BINDLESTIFFS by Andrew Edison


Grand Jury Sparky Award for Feature Narrative: WELCOME TO PINE HILL by Keith Miller, “for
its poetic and emotionally honest depiction of one man's final journey in life, crafted from a true
spirit of humanity and community."

Special Jury Award for Bold Originality: HEAVY GIRLS by Axel Ranisch, “for its joie de vivre, an
incredibly life-affirming film that is presented with a unique vision and an amazing cast."


Grand Jury Sparky Award for Feature Documentary: NO ASHES, NO PHOENIX by Jens
Pfeifer, "for its adeptly piercing and cinematic look at a basketball team's impassioned struggle
not for glory, but to just avoid losing."

Grand Jury Sparky Award for Short Documentary: THE PROFESSIONAL by Skylar Neilsen, for
"an honest and natural portrayal of work-as-life, and the slowly disappearing craft of an
American working man."


Grand Jury Sparky Award for Animation: VENUS by Tor Fruergaard, "for its creative use of
claymation characters to explore sexual adventure and its lighthearted, touching and
memorable story."

Grand Jury Sparky Award for Short Film: I AM JOHN WAYNE by Christina Choe, "for its unique
storytelling, cinematography and performances, including the brilliant use of a real horse in an
urban environment."

Special Jury Prize for Experimental Short: SOLIPSIST by Andrew Huang, "for its unique blend
of live action footage of the human body, puppetry and computer animation that creates a
colorful and insightful fantasy world."

Honorable Mention for Best Ensemble: I'M COMING OVER by Sam Handel, "for its
extraordinary ensemble which creates a world that extends beyond the film's 25 minute length."


Spirit of Slamdance Sparky Award: HEAVY GIRLS (Dicke Mädchen) - Axel Ranisch, Heiko
Pinkowski, Anne Baeker. Awarded by the Class of 2012 Slamdance Filmmakers to the film team
that best embodies the creative, independent, and entrepreneurial spirit of the festival, as well
as showing exceptional talent as artists.

The Kodak Vision Award for Best Cinematography: FAITH, LOVE AND WHISKEY by Kristina
Nikolova, "for shooting every single frame of this picture in a way that is not only pleasing to the
eye, but also strongly supportive to the story being told."

Panasonic AF100 Award for ‘The Five Flavors of Filmmaking’ Competition: JOSH GIBSON,
director of the short film Kudzu Vine. Five filmmaking teams created one-minute films during the
2012 Slamdance Film Festival. The winning team exemplifies excellence in visual storytelling
and receives a Panasonic AF100 Camera Package.

— David Burger