Sundance premiere: Spike Lee clears up some misconceptions
Published: January 24, 2012 10:14AM
Updated: January 24, 2012 10:50AM
A scene from "Red Hook Summer." Courtesy David Lee

When filmmaker Spike Lee premiered his newest film "Red Hook Summer" at Sundance, he took it as a opportunity to clear up a couple of misconceptions.

First, he told the audience: "Please tell everyone that this is not a m*****-f****** sequel to "Do the Right Thing."

It's more accurate, Lee said, to see "Red Hook" as part of his ongoing "chronicles of Brooklyn."

Then Chris Rock, who is starring in "2 Days in New York," which opened at the festival, set Lee off with by asking what Lee would have done differently had he gotten studio money.

"Would he [Bishop Enoch, played by Clarke Peters] have blown up or some shit?"

Lee pointed out emphatically to Rock that he always intended to finance the film himself and bring it to Sundance simply to retain creative freedom.

"[The studios] don't know nothing about Red Hook," Lee said. "They going to give ME notes on two black kids growing up in Red Hook? F&%$ no! We had to do it ourselves."

Then Lee turned to the audience and said, "Sorry for that m*****-F****** tirade."

We forgive you, Spike.

- Glen Warchol