Party draws the police at Sundance
Published: January 22, 2012 08:28PM
Updated: January 22, 2012 08:36PM
Al Hartmann | The Salt Lake Tribune Park City Police Officer Ben Powers dealt with many car slide offs and accidents while on his day shift on Saturday during the Sundance Film Festival.

Traditionally, the Sundance Film Festival has been a peaceful place. But the festival is also a party, and parties can get crowded and loud.

Park City police report they busted one party about 1 a.m. Sunday at 2020 Solamere Drive at Deer Valley. The Hollywood Reporter says the party was thrown by the William Morris Endeavor talent agency and it got out of hand when too many visitors arrived.

Below is what the Park City police log reads for the first weekend of Sundance. One item not mentioned, Park City police Capt. Phil Kirk says the department's chief escorted Taylor Swift on Friday.

1/19/12: Busy day & night with large numbers in town and on Main Street for Sundance. All bar checks were in compliance.

DAY SHIFT OBSERVATIONS: Busy with Sundance set up—no problems so far.

SWING SHIFT OBSERVATIONS: Good crowds and lots of traffic. Chief Carpenter and Sergeant Lucking conducted several bar checks and found everyone in compliance. Good crowds at Legacy Lodge and Eccles Center w/o problems.

GRAVE SHIFT OBSERVATIONS: Overall the night was a busy night as there were large numbers of people in town and in particular on Main Street. Our night clubs were still exiting people up to and after 0200 hrs. The private party at Bing was occupied until after 0300 hrs. It appears there are a larger number of people in town for Sundance than has been the case for the last couple years.
Incident: Fight In Progress (Case #: 12-01731) @ 306 Main Street (Ciseros)
Police responded to Ciseros night club on report of a fight in progress. However, upon arrival police found that security staff had ejected two patrons of the club who had refused to leave. The suspects left the area upon police contact with no further incident.

Sundance-related Incident Log: 1/20/12:

Day shift Observations: Seven parking problems and two Old Town Traffic complaints.

Swing shift Observations: No problems at any of the theater venues. Several parking problems, no vehicles towed.

Grave shift Observations: Several movie premier events and activities occurred during the shift. It was an extremely busy night with massive crowds and traffic congestion in the Old Town/ Main Street area. Main Street was crowded with large numbers attending night clubs and private parties. Officers checked a number of businesses for occupancy numbers. Overcrowding was resolved immediately at three locations.

Incident: Theft (Case 12-0912)
Complainant reported the theft of her identification, debit card, cellular phone and cash money from a coat pocket. Complainant advised that her coat was stashed in an unoccupied area while she attended a social event at Bing (573 Main Street). When she returned her property was missing from the coat.

DAY SHIFT OBSERVATIONS: Officers were very busy with accidents and slide offs due to the heavy snowfall. .
· Case #: 12-02014 Theft
Location: 545 Main #A
Synopsis: Victim reports her IPhone 4S was stolen while she was at the New York Lounge. No suspect information or exact time it was taken.
· Case #: 12-02007 Disorderly
Location: 412 Bistro
Synopsis: Bistro called to report that two males were causing a problem in the restraint and started to fight with each other. The two suspects left before officers arrived. Later we received another call that the same to subjects were at 612 Main causing more problems. Officers arrived and arrested both for Disorderly and transported them to jail. (Alcohol involved)

OVERVIEW:. Night clubs along Main were checked for occupancy numbers and were found to be in compliance.
· Case # 12-02037 Disturbing the Peace
Location: 2020 Solamere
Synopsis: Party with hundreds of guests inside property. Officers kept the peace while the party was ended and renters evicted from the property.

Case #: 12-02041 Welfare Check (Intoxicated Man)
Location: 333 Main Street
Synopsis: The complainant called police requesting assistance in locating her intoxicated husband who had walked away on Main Street without his coat and in an intoxicated condition. Officers located the suspect and confirmed he was in good health. He was reunited with his concerned wife.

Case #: 12-02042 Theft
Location: 500 Main Street
Synopsis: The complainant had set her purse down on the ground near the Post Office to take a few photographs. When she went to pick up the purse it had been stolen.
· Case #: 12-02049 Assault/Poss. Controlled Substance
Location: 5th Main
Synopsis: Report of a man who was driving down Main Street, stopping and physically assaulting people. Officers observed the suspect who then ran on foot. While running the suspect tossed a small package of controlled substance Marijuana. He was later apprehended and was issued a citation for possession of controlled substance.

· Case #: 12-02055 Intoxication
Location: 525 Main
Synopsis: An extremely intoxicated male attempted to hale a police vehicle as a taxi. He was arrested and booked into the Summit County Jail for intoxication
· Case #: 12-02059 Theft
Location: 573 Main St
Synopsis: Complainant reported the theft of his coat from a night club while he was socializing. No suspect info.

— Nate Carlisle

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