Surprise! We're going to Sundance!
Published: January 22, 2012 12:34PM
Updated: January 22, 2012 01:01PM
Britt Robertson (left) and Dylan O'Brien star "The First Time." (Photo by Gemma LaMana | courtesy Sundance Institute)

Pretty much everybody involved with “The First Time” was surprised that it was selected for the Sundance Film Festival.

Stars Dylan O'Brien and Britt Robertson both said they weren't expecting it. And writer/director Jonathan Kasdan agreed, “because it's a different kind of movie than you usually see here.”

Different, at least, from the kind of movie most people — including Kasdan — expect to see at Sundance.

“Now, it's unfair for me to say too much because I have only been here once in my life,” he said. “But my impression of it is what comes here is a kind of gritty, powerful movie like “Precious” or there's a movie called 'Filly Brown' that is a traditional Sundance movie.

“And this is a very John Hughes-ian romantic comedy. So I was thrilled and delighted.”

--Scott Pierce