Sundance review: "The End of Love"
Published: January 22, 2012 01:28AM
Updated: January 25, 2012 02:45PM
Patrice Cochet | courtesy Sundance Institute Mark Webber plays Mark, a single dad raising his 2-year-old son Isaac (Isaac Love) in "The End of Love," written and directed by Webber.

“The End of Love”

U.S. Dramatic

*** ½ (three and a half stars)

Writer-director-actor Mark Webber's family tour de force is hard to get a handle on at first, but it's worth tuning in on its odd wavelength. Webber plays a character named Mark, who's an actor raising a 2 ½ year-old son, Isaac (played by Webber's own son, Isaac Love), struggling to make some money, and dealing with the pain of his wife's premature death. “Mark” tries a furtive romance with a play-center operator (Shannyn Sossamon), and finds himself partying with his more-successful acting friends (in a scene that includes Michael Cera, Michael Angarano, Aubrey Plaza and others playing variations of themselves). With natural performances (what other kind can you get from a toddler?) and intimate camerawork, Webber creates a tender character study of a dad desperately trying to do right by his kid.

-- Sean P. Means

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