BYU's Daily Universe going to weekly publication
Published: January 16, 2012 08:53AM
Updated: January 12, 2012 01:50PM

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is taking the "Daily" out of The Daily Universe.

The Universe, the student paper at LDS Church-owned Brigham Young University, will go to weekly publication no later than April, BYU's communications department announced today.

The paper will be switching to a "digital first" model, putting everything out online — with audio and video, and making news available on the Web, and for mobile and tablet users.

“We believe the digital first platform will enable us to train better journalists, better meet the needs of our readers, and give them news in the way they want to receive it,” Susan Walton, Associate Communication Department Chair, said in a statement.

By making the move, BYU will lay off the Universe's eight current full-time staff members -- though they can reapply for new staff positions once job descriptions are written. The paper's student editors will stay on until April.