The Cricket's Daily 3: 'Haywire' plays peek-a-boo with critics
Published: January 16, 2012 08:53AM
Updated: January 11, 2012 09:18AM
Actor Channing Tatum, left, and actress Gina Carano arrive at the premiere of the feature film "Haywire" in Los Angeles on Thursday, Jan. 5, 2012. (AP Photo/Dan Steinberg)

Here's what's happening today in pop culture:

• You can watch the first five minutes of Steven Soderbergh's new thriller "Haywire" online now - but critics (at least ones in Utah) won't be allowed to see it before it opens on Jan. 20. [The Hollywood Reporter]

• British Prime Minister David Cameron wants the British film industry to start making movies with more commercial appeal - and to start using national lottery funds, previously earmarked for art films, to go to mainstream movies. [The Guardian]

• It's six months away, but in some big cities you can already buy tickets for "The Dark Knight Rises." [New York]