Orion Independent Music Festival to be held from Jan. 13 to Jan. 17 in Park City
Published: January 4, 2012 01:42PM
Updated: January 4, 2012 01:42PM

The Orion Independent Music Festival, founded in 2010 and dedicated to providing recognition for independent artists, will be held from Jan. 13 to Jan. 17 in Park City, right before the Sundance Film Festiva. begins on Jan. 19.

Among the artists and bands to perform at this festival are Nathan Osmond, son of Alan Osmond, Canadian musician Stacey Zegers, Nashville artist Anna Kaelin, and winner of the Orion Belt 2011, Andy Frasco.

Additional talent includes Jhonny K, Bastard Sons of Johnny Cash, Patwa Reggae Band, Marinade, Kettlefish, Juana Ghani, The Bluetrees, Peter Breinholt, Alex Boye, and Holy Water Buffalo. New artists are adding everyday.

Orion Independent Music Festival will dominate venues such as The Spur, Hotel Park City, Molly Blooms, Cisero’s, The Green Pig, The Huka Bar & Grill, Inferno Cantina, Lumpy’s, and others.

The five-day all-access passwill cost $49 + sales tax.

The 5-day Orion All-Access Credential gives holders access to over 50 new local and international artists showcasing in eight clubs and venues over 5 days.

For more info, go to http://www.facebook.com/orionfest