Utah Jazz's Derrick Favors on stepping up, playing nasty, sticking with Southern boys
Published: December 31, 2011 12:28AM
Updated: December 31, 2011 12:28AM
Excerpts from a postgame interview Friday with Derrick Favors.

Stepping up after seeing Al Jefferson was out of lineup: He said he couldn't go. So I said I've got to hold you down — Southern boys got to stick together.

Playing confident and smooth: That's what I'm trying to get to is that next level. I've got to continue to come out there and do it.

Reacting instead of thinking: Just reacting. Go out there and play basketball.

20 points and 11 rebounds, big in fourth quarter: Definitely what I want to get to. I've got to continue to go out there and do the same thing every night.

Staying mentally focused after morning benching: It was important. It just comes from being a basketball player. You've got to be ready to do whatever.

Youth movement: Just playing hard. We've got chemistry down there. Practice and just bring it.

Learning to play nasty: Yeah. Down the stretch you've just got to play hard. Third and fourth quarters you've got to … be nasty about it.

Brian T. Smith

Twitter: @tribjazz