Editorial updates: Payroll tax, county auditor, Vaclav Havel ...
Published: December 23, 2011 02:32PM
Updated: December 23, 2011 02:32PM
Haraz N. Ghanbari | The Associated Press President Barack Obama signs the payroll tax cut extension Friday in the White House Oval Office in Washington.

Wednesday, we told Congress to extend the payroll tax cut.

Today, it did.


Last Friday, we said that Salt Lake County Auditor Greg Hawkins had no cause to sue over the decision by the County Council to move his budget-writing functions over to the county mayor's office.

Thursday, the Utah Supreme Court ruled that, Hawkins may have a case, but not enough of one to justify any immediate order to void the council's decision.


Thursday, we mourned the loss of Czech leader Vaclav Havel.

Today, world leaders past and present gathered for his funeral.