USU Hoops: From a supposed redshirt to the top of the Mountain
Published: December 19, 2011 03:28PM
Updated: December 19, 2011 03:28PM

USU fans should expect sohomore forward Danny Berger to receive his first career start on Tuesday in the first game of the Gossner Tournament.

Stew Morrill wouldn't fully commit to Berger starting in Monday's press conference, but it's highly likely.

"It looks that way," Morrill said. "If practice goes the way it has been, then it's safe to say that Danny could be starting."

Berger's play, simply put, has been too much to ignore. Since coming off his mission, and having his redshirt pulled, Berger has been a missing offensive piece. At 6-foot-7, he has given Utah State perimeter length. He has given the Aggies shooting and the ability to score.

More surprisingly, Berger has been able to create off the dribble and make plays going to the basket. He's been, without question, the best small forward on the roster in the last few games, and his presence has allowed Preston Medlin freedom of movement to score and make plays in his own right.

Berger scored 11 points, grabbed seven rebounds and handed out five assists in a win over Seattle. He stands to play more and more minutes as the season goes on.

Tony Jones