Utah Jazz's Raja Bell, Earl Watson, C.J. Miles say Josh Howard gets clean slate
Published: December 16, 2011 11:28AM
Updated: December 16, 2011 10:44AM
The Jazz's Raja Bell, Earl Watson and C.J. Miles discuss adding Josh Howard.

Bell: First of all, I'm not one of those types of people that tries to judge anybody else or their situation. I don't know that anybody who reads a newspaper or listens to SportsCenter has any perspective on what happened in anybody's personal life. I'm not in the practice of judging people for situations I know nothing about. So having said that, he'll come to this team and I'll judge him for who he is and I think everyone should approach it that way.

Watson: The main thing for his situation is he's coming to a team that's really high on character. So it's kind of like follow the leader, so to speak. It's kind of hard to steer this team in a different direction without standing out, without feeling uncomfortable, without being called out. At the end of the day, we all want to win. People grow up, people mature. And a lot of times people forget how young players are when they come into the NBA. Imagine giving anyone in their early 20s $100,000. [Laughs] So the money changes you, everything changes you. A lot of us come from backgrounds where we've never been taught to deal with money or deal with certain things. I can't remember who said it, but they said it best. They said the hardest thing about success is not obtaining it; it's how to respond once you get it. And that's the biggest challenge. We're all living and we learn and we grow.

… Being on teams where being a young kid and coming onto a veteran team like Seattle with Gary Payton. You heard Gary Payton was X, Y and Z. I only seen the best of Gary Payton. So he was mature and Nate McMillan kind of set that example. We had good guys around him.

Miles: I know he hasn't got to play a lot the last couple years but he's a great player at the small forward position. He rebounds well. I remember guarding him a few years ago, he used to run midrange post-up plays, he was hard to guard there. Defensively, he's solid. He brings a lot to the position. He's a veteran, which we don't have too many of those around here. He helps us a lot immediately.

I don't change any approach the whole time we've been here. I just keep playing hard, keep competing everyday. Whatever coaches' decision that they make, that's what they make. My mindset is still to be the starter at the 2 or the 3. They're interchangeable, like we said. But my mindset is still working to be that starter.

Brian T. Smith

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