Utah Jazz's Devin Harris on Josh Howard — A truthful, 'good dude'
Published: December 16, 2011 10:31AM
Updated: December 16, 2011 10:44AM
Jazz guard Devin Harris discusses adding Josh Howard.

First thought: It's exciting. We've been close friends for a while, since the Dallas days. He's a guy who can really help this team and I'm just excited to have one of my close friends back on the team.

What worked well in Dallas: We did [do well]. We came in together, both young players, learned the system, played a lot, played extremely well, just built a relationship over the years.

Kevin O'Connor and Ty Corbin asking him about Howard: Obviously he's got some things in his past and I thought he'd matured since then and I thought he was a player who could really help us. He's coming off an injury the last couple of years with a knee, but I've been working out with him in the summer and know he's fully back. I thought he's a guy who could really help this team and take us to the next level.

Howard's character: Josh is a good dude. He's truthful. He's a guy who believes in speaking his mind. Obviously that doesn't always sit well with a lot of people. But he's a good teammate, he comes and works hard and loves what he does.

Good fit on roster: I think so. He meets the athleticism with this team, the way we're running, the way we want to get up and down; his defensive intensity. And he cares about winning.

Jazz's offense compared to Dallas': Aw, it's completely — it's like night and day. But I still think he fits in to what we do. He's got a nice post game, the mid-range game and the way he runs the floor fits in everything we do.

Talking to him: We actually talked about it a little bit this summer, the possibility. … Coming into free agency, the lockout, it's a possibility. Yeah, we've got some room up here. I didn't expect anything to happen. But it kind of happened pretty quickly and I'm excited about it.

Talking to O'Connor: Yeah, I sat down with Kevin before he went to North Carolina. He wants to see how his knee is doing; mentally over the injuries and stuff like that.

Get better fast if Howard's healthy: I think so. We get a little bit deeper. With him, our depth increases. And with the season that we're going to have, I think that'll really help us.

Left in the tank: I think he's got a lot. He hasn't played a lot in the last couple years. I think he should be refreshed.

Brian T. Smith

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