Bloody hiking tale is a winner
Published: December 9, 2011 05:52PM
Updated: December 9, 2011 06:04PM

Ever hike a trail that was a little too rough for you?

Tom Managan, who runs the hiking blog Two-Wheel Drive, held a contest this fall for the person with the most "extreme hiking tale."

The winner, by way of reader votes, was Thom Gabrukiewicz. He wrote of a bloodied-hike in Northern California's Trinity Alps.

From Gabrukiewicz's entry:

A granite boulder the size of a soccer ball nearly took my head off; I put up my arm just in time and deflected it off my Timex Ironman watch (killed it) and into my outstretched shoulder, severely dislocating it.

I managed to climb to the trail and sat on a rock, rubbing my Saint Christopher medal and saying a silent prayer. I walked back down to camp (about a mile) and told my camp-mate that we needed to seek medical attention. Immediately.

— Nate Carlisle

Twitter: @UtahHikes