USU Hoops: More Berger, please
Published: December 7, 2011 05:22PM
Updated: December 7, 2011 05:22PM

Danny Berger, for one night, was an answer to Utah State's woes when it comes to perimeter scoring.

The 6-foot-7 small forward/shooting guard, scored 10 points in Tuesday night's win over Utah Valley University. He made two three-pointers, he drove to the basket and he made himself a threat, which is something that Mitch Bruneel and Steven Thornton haven't been doing.

Berger played 18 minutes against the Wolverines. And while he's still trying to get his legs back from his LDS mission, he's got what it takes to help this basketball team.

"He's a big part of our rotation," Morrill said. "He's going to be a big part of our team in the future."

Tony Jones