Warren Jeffs brother hurt in St. George bee crash
Published: February 22, 2012 09:41PM
Updated: October 26, 2011 02:10PM

You have probably heard about the semi which crashed Sunday on Interstate 15 near St. George, spilling millions of bees.

But after that crash, there was a second accident. It injured Wallace Jeffs, a half brother to FLDS leader Warren Jeffs who is suing the sect's leaders.

The law offices of Roger Hoole, Wallace Jeffs' attorney, confirmed Jeffs was hurt when his Chevy Suburban struck the rear of another semi. Wallace Jeffs is in a Las Vegas hospital with serious injuries.

Wallace Jeffs is suing to regain custody of his children and prevent his underage daughters from marrying older men. He also claims his infamous brother has committed a fraud on the FLDS.

The children’s mother, Amy Jeffs, said in court documents church leaders have not asked her about allowing her daughters to marry before they are 18, and would not consent to such an arrangement.

A court docket indicates the case is unresolved with no hearings scheduled.

— Nate Carlisle