USU football: Are the Aggies losing confidence?
Published: October 22, 2011 07:14PM
Updated: October 22, 2011 07:14PM

It appears so.

While losing in such fashion hurts every week, many of these wounds are self-inflicted.

Today, Utah State didn't roll up 118 yards worth of penalties like last week at Fresno State. But seven miscues for 70 yards was enough of a blow. And the penalties came at bad times. A chop block took away a touchdown, and several holding penalties put the screws on multiple drives.

It was enough to keep Louisiana Tech around. And while the Bulldogs had a struggling quarterback in Nick Isham, Sonny Dykes wasn't afraid to put in Colby Cameron.

"We could tell that Nick was kind of losing his confidence a bit," Dykes said. "Colby came in and gave us a spark. We were lucky to have that spark."

Tony Jones