Even free turnovers upset BYU fans
Published: September 20, 2011 02:24PM
Updated: September 20, 2011 12:22PM

There are usually zero complaints when the Arby's fast food restaurant in Provo posts "Free Turnovers" on its outdoor marquee.

But it became a big deal after Saturday's game, where BYU turned the ball over seven times in its 54-10 loss to the University of Utah.

Chance Bowen, the Arby's shift manager fielded an angry call from a Cougar fan saying he was going to boycott the restaurant because he didn't like the sign.

Bowen said the irony of giving away free turnovers didn't even dawn on him, since the Arby's offers game promotions nearly every week.

“I had forgotten it was on the marquee until the gentleman called,” Bowen told Salt Lake Tribune reporter Tom Wharton. “People made a big deal about it. If I would have seen that at a store, I would have thought it was funny."

Bowen said not everyone was angry about the sign: "We had some BYU fans call and say that it was pretty funny and clever, thinking we did it as a joke.”

People started tweeting about the turnover deal which ended Monday, But don't be surprised if the Arby's in Provo offers the free turnover deal again later in the year.

Photo courtesy of Mark Eddington