All our Warren Jeffs trial coverage in one place
Published: August 23, 2011 05:12PM
Updated: August 23, 2011 05:50PM

With Warren Jeffs being moved to a solitary Texas prison cell today, it seems as good a time as any to launch the Jeffs trial coverage summary I've been putting together. It should be a good quick-reference guide and another step on my own (long) road to self-organization.

Also today, David Darger and Jake Barlow were arraigned on multiple misuse of public money charges in Arizona.

Immediate preview stories:

Trial preview: "It's time for everything to come out"

Trial preview: "For FLDS faithful, trial brings a choice"

Week one

Trial Day One 7/25/11 Jury selection begins

Trial Day Two 7/26/11 Jury chosen

Trial Day Three 07/27/11 Motion to suppress raid evidence denied

Trial Day Four 07/28/11 Jeffs fires attorneys, then sits silently

Trial Day Five 07/29/11 "Polygamist 'prophet' Jeffs warns court of divine wrath"

Weekend story 08/01/11 WSJ using trial to make stand for his flock?

Week two

Trial Day Six 08/01/11 DNA evidence presented in case of 15-year-old victim

Trial Day Seven 08/02/11 Prosecutors play recordings of Jeffs' "trainings" to wives

Trial Day Eight 08/03/11 Audiotape of assault on 12-year-old played, defense begins

Trial Day Nine 08/04/11 Jeffs found guilty

- Other polygamous groups denounce Jeffs

- No reaction to Jeffs verdict in Hildale/Colorado City

- Sentencing begins immediately

Trial Day Ten 08/05/11 First full day of sentencing: Jeffs delivers "revelation," asks to leave

Trial Day Eleven 08/06/11 Second day of sentencing (Saturday) Brent Jeffs testified he was molested by Jeffs

Weekend story: Warren Jeffs' own documents turn against him

Week three

Trial Day Twelve 08/08/11 Final Day of sentencing: Prosecution rests, defense silent

Trial Day Thirteen (Final day) 08/09/11 Closing statements, Jeffs sentenced to life plus 20 years

- Mounties to investigate FLDS child brides in Utah

- Eyes turn to Utah

Immediate post-trial

Post-trial 8/10/11 New photos show Jeffs casual

Post-trial 8/10/11 Juror speaks out

Post-trial 8/11/11 Court releases audio recordings of Jeffs instructing wives

Post-trial 8/14/11 Warren Jeffs' legal saga isn't over