Lots of snow on way to Teat Mountain
Published: April 22, 2011 01:55PM
Updated: April 21, 2011 07:50PM

My firsthand experience with how snow is impacting hiking season arrived last week on a hike in Spanish Fork Canyon.

I attempted to hike from a trail head on U.S. Highway 6 to Teat Mountain. It's suppose to be a 6-mile roundtrip beginning about 5,600 feet elevation.

After just a few hundred feet of climbing, the trail was muddy. The trail improved a little bit when it widened. Then about 6,500 feet I encountered snow.

See the video of me crunching over the first major drifts. The video shows the easy part. By about 7,000 feet, the trail was impassable.

My feet and legs were falling through the snow pack and I was landinghip deep in the crunch. I turned around for fear of injury.

And this, my fellow hikers is what we can expect in the northern half of Utah probably until late May. There's just too much snow up there.

And even when the snow is melted enough to walk, the trail is going to be muddy for a few weeks after.

Maybe I'll try Teat Mountain again about the Fourth of July.

— Nate Carlisle