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Published: December 21, 2010 06:24AM
Updated: December 21, 2010 06:24AM

Fourth seat dash. Lockhart hires Pyrah. Shurtleff to discuss cancer.

Happy Tuesday. New Census numbers will be out today, confirming what we've all known for a while, that Utah will gain another seat in the House of Representatives. Just a few people (Read: everyone) is lining up for a chance at it and Utah's current members are being quiet about what they want to see result from redistricting. [Trib]

Topping the news: Joe "The Sausage Grinder" Pyrah is leaving the journalism racket to become the new deputy chief for incoming Speaker Becky Lockhart. I assume now we'll really get to see how sausage is made, right Joe? [Trib] [DNews] [SausageGrinder]

-> In another exit interview, Sen. Bob Bennett says Congress is too polarized. [Clipper]

-> Rep. Rob Bishop calls out the Standard Examiner's editorial board for taking on his Repeal Amendment. Bottom line: Bishop thinks they're wrong and would like to school the board members on their Federalism history. [StandEx]

Happening this morning: AG Mark Shurtleff and his doctor, Richard N. Frame, will discuss his cancer diagnosis and upcoming chemotherapy treatments. 10:30 a.m. at the offices of Utah Cancer Specialists, 82 S. 1100 East, Suite 403, SLC.

If you wondered: Sen. Orrin Hatch was absent Saturday from the DREAM Act and "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" votes because he was here.

Tweet of the day: (Fighting the man) From @JasonintheHouse: "Headed back to D.C. to try to fight back this Lame Duck Congress."

Happy birthday: To Jeremy Slaughter, executive director of Salt Lake Democrats.

Out of Context catchup: Rep. Jason Chaffetz, whose thinks the federal workforce is bloated, gave his own staff an average of 9 percent raises this year. [Trib] Ambassador Jon Huntsman Jr. appears on the Charlie Rose show. [Trib] And Robert Gehrke digs into the alleged hacking of Gov. Gary Herbert's Facebook page. [Trib]

Comic relief: Must see new Jib Jab video features Obama and Biden bidding farewell to 2010. [JibJab]

Comic relief II: Your Utah federal delegation rocks out for the holidays, courtesy of yours truly. [JibJab]

Where are they?

In other news: ABC4's Chris Vanocur discovers that the LDS Church invited several gay activists to its Christmas concert this weekend. [ABC4]

-> Becker has been elected to the board of directors for the National League of Cities. [Trib] [DNews]

-> Hatch spoke about support for the DREAM Act recently. [DNews]

-> Peg McEntee notes Bennett won't be around next time around to make the tough vote he did Saturday. [Trib]

-> Bennett gets cheers for his vote backing the DREAM Act, while Hatch gets jeers. [KCPW]

-> Mexican authorities are refusing to extradite a suspected hit-and-run driver accused of killing a child in Taylorsville in a case threatening to become an international incident. [Trib]

-> Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker and federal regulators are surprised to learn of Chevron's goal to reopen its pipeline next month. [Trib]

-> Road opening in Utah County doesn't sit well with some neighbors. [Trib]

-> The ACLU and Granite District agree schools can't ban popular "I heart boobies" bracelets. [Trib]

-> The Utah Health Insurance Exchange names a new leader. [Trib]

-> Defense Department Inspector General releases report on the "misconduct" of former Hill Air Force Base commander. [Trib]

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-- Thomas Burr