Published: August 23, 2010 11:22PM
Updated: August 25, 2011 04:39PM
Two and half years ago, The Salt Lake Tribune launched an excellent online adventure called the Salt Lake Crawler. With courage that still amazes me, a couple top editors at The Trib wanted to test the limits of newspaper sensibilities on the rootin' tootin' frontier of the Internet.

I was given the enviable job of blogging whatever entered my head about Utah's politics, culture, people, fauna and legislative lunacy. The stuff I wrote under The Tribune's online masthead delighted many readers and shocked others, including quite a few old-style journalists.

But it was read. In fact, District Attorney and intergalactic party girl Lohra Miller called yesterday to take me to "lunch" to discuss my "strong opinions" about her. (Seriously.) I was deeply touched because an old blog entry on Miller includes wordsmithing in which I took some pride:

Salt Lake County DA Lohra Miller has a sure-fire strategy for re-election: As soon as a tough opponent emerges — pick up a big smokin' bucket of corruption and dump it on yourself.

Sadly for me but happily for Lohra, Chris Buttars, Little Jimmy Matheson and the knucklehead who shot a commode out from under himself at Carl's Jr (possibly all the same person), my wild run ends now. I'm moving onto a new role with The Trib that will involve less attitude and more writing. But I'll continue my presence on Twitter and possibly in a another blog yet to be imagined.

I see the escape slide is deployed and inflated, so it's time to say, adios, amigos!