GARDNER - The Salt Lake Tribune News from The Salt Lake Tribune en-us (Webmaster) Collins: If corporations got pregnant, contraceptives would be free <div class="hnews hentry item"> <h4><a class="url entry-title" href="">Collins: If corporations got pregnant, contraceptives would be free</a></h4> <span class="author vcard"><span class="fn">By GAIL COLLINS</span></span> <span class="source-org vcard"><span class="org fn"> The New York Times</span></span> <h5><span class="updated" title="2014-06-28T22:09:44.345-06:00">Updated Jun 28, 2014 10:09PM MDT</span></h5> <div class ="entry-content">Let’s talk personhood, people. Personhood is an anti-abortion movement that holds that life begins at conception, giving fertilized eggs all the rights of a human being. It might make it impossible to kidnap them for in-vitro fertilization. It could outlaw some forms of contraception. Sen. Rand Paul claims every fertilized egg is protected by the 14th Amendment. Many Senate candidates are personhood supporters, including Cory Gardner, who is running a very close race in Colorado against Mark Uda...</div> <h5><a rel="item-license" href=""> Copyright 2013 The Salt Lake Tribune. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.</a></h5> </div> Sat, 28 Jun 2014 22:09:44 MDT