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In 1961 Parade Magazine published a photograph of the new first lady, Jacqueline Kennedy, and her daughter, Caroline, sitting together on a step. Caroline, who holds a copy of the Little Golden Book “I Can Fly” by Ruth Krauss — …

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  • Ann Cannon: A cheer for those hanging on at the back of the pack
    On the 24th of July I like to wander down to South Temple Street and watch the runners participating in the Deseret News Classic. I usually get there ...
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  • Ann Cannon: Breaking up — with Facebook — is hard to do
    Dear Facebook, How did it all come to this? You know what I’m talking about. THIS. Me, clicking onto a Buzzfeed quiz (“Which Disney Princess Are You?...
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  • Ann Cannon: Trying to understand the new Atticus in ‘Go Set a Watchman’
    I read “To Kill a Mockingbird” for the first time when I was 14 years old. Ah. Fourteen. There’s no other age like it. My brother remembers one of hi...
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  • (Al Hartmann  |  The Salt Lake Tribune)   
Runner takes advantage of sprinklers to cool down on his training run in Sugarhouse Park Monday July 21.  Ann Cannon: Here are 25 tips for beating the summer heat
    I’m fond of saying that I can take the heat better than I can stand the cold. People scoff when I say this. They’re all, “But when you’re cold, you ca...
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  • A love song to the pleasures of reading aloud: Memories of sharing books with children
    Looking for something more to do while the kids are still out of school? Consider this: With its long hours of heat and light, summer naturally lends...
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  • (Ann Cannon  |  The Salt Lake Tribune)  Ann Cannon: Here’s a shoutout to my gnomies!
    It began with just one. I swear! Just one! Of course it started with just one, because come on! Who actually goes into the garden department of a sto...
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  • Ann Cannon: An adventure in Europe with dueling GPS systems
    There are two kinds of people in this world — people who put their trust in technology and people who don’t. My husband falls into the first category,...
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  • Ann Cannon: A Sunday drive, a father’s changing role
    What with Father’s Day right around the corner Sunday, I’ve been thinking a lot about moms. Kidding! I’ve been thinking about dads, obv — especiall...
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  • Ann Cannon: Forgetting your words? Try playing the ‘tortilla’ card
    One thing that happens as you age is that you start losing your .… Wait. What is it? You know! You know what I’m talking about! Those things. Those t...
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 Books: ‘Ink and Ashes’ is hot YA debut for Salt Lake author
    If you’re looking for a thrill ride of a read this summer, check out “Ink and Ashes,” a debut young-adult novel by Salt Lake resident Valynne E. Maeta...
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