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In matching blue suits, wide grins and a few tears, the couple at the center of the historic federal lawsuit that overturned Utah’s ban on same-sex marriage were married on Sunday, pledging to love and support each other through the …

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  • In this Nov. 18, 2003 file photo Heidi Norton, second from left, hugs her partner Gina Smith, both of Northampton, Mass., during a news conference in Boston regarding the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court's ruling that same-sex couples are legally entitled to wed under the state constitution. At right is Linda Davies with partner Gloria Bailey, second from right, both of Orleans, Mass. Itís been a decade since the highest court in Massachusetts issued its landmark ruling legalizing same-sex marriage by declaring that barring marriage for gay couples is unconstitutional. Since then, 14 other states and the District of Columbia have legalized gay marriage, with Illinois posed to become the 16th state next week when the governor is expected to sign a gay marriage bill into law. (AP Photo/Charles Krupa, File) New normal: Lessons from Massachusetts on gay marriage — and divorce
    Boston • Same-­sex marriage is so last decade in Massachusetts. These days, the earliest pioneers in gay and lesbian matrimony are demonstrating how t...
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  • Is it heresy for Baptists to baptize a baby? One pastor’s example sparks debate
    The sprinkling-style baptism of a Dayton, Ohio, infant — a scene heartwarming and commonplace for Catholics and mainline Protestants — is touching off...
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  • (Al Hartmann |  The Salt Lake Tribune)  
Laurie Brenneise, hand packs Mindy MInt Truffle gift boxes at  Mrs. Cavanaugh's Chocolate factory in North Salt Lake.  According to sales statistics from Hershey's Co., Utahns purchase more confections — candy, mints and gum, than any region in the nation. Mormon vice? Utahns buy the most candy in the U.S.
    While many Utahns have the willpower to avoid alcohol, coffee and tobacco, they just can’t stay away from the candy. The state buys confections — cand...
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    3 things to consider when dining at the biggest outdoor party
    Outdoor dining has gained popularity over the past couple years and Park City’s Savor the Summit on Saturday, June 20 at 6:00 p.m. is one of the best ...
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  • Suspect killed by police after shooting at Mormon stake center
    Eagar, Ariz. • Authorities say a man who allegedly shot a woman and then a police officer in eastern Arizona is dead. The Apache County Sheriff’s Offi...
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  • (Scott Sommerdorf   |  The Salt Lake Tribune)  
Jerry Gardner, also known as Lama Thupten Dorje Gyaltsen, during service at the Urgyen Samten Ling Tibetan Buddhist Temple, Sunday, April 25, 2015. A spiritual teacher’s long and winding road from Baptist to Buddhist, New York to Utah
    The first thing people want to know about the handsome black man, with the deep bass voice, shaved head and one shoulder poking out from saffron-and-m...
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  • Religion News Service’s top editor leaving for post at D.C. cathedral
    The top editor at Religion News Service, one of the world’s leading distributors of faith news and a frequent contributor to The Salt Lake Tribune, is...
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  • Kirby: The forgiving nature of Heavenly Mother
    I’ve always believed in a Mother in Heaven. The possibility isn’t something I ever studied, fretted about, or even bothered to debate with anyone. Wha...
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  • (Trent Nelson  |  The Salt Lake Tribune)  
Tim VanZeben of the All Families Coalition speaks in response to an earlier press conference by the World Congress of Families, at the State Capitol Building in Salt Lake City, Tuesday May 12, 2015. Utah conference to tout the ‘natural family’ — LGBT groups plan more inclusive gathering
    The World Congress of Families insists its Salt Lake City conference this fall is open to all family advocates — gay or straight — but don’t count on ...
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  • The BYU-Idaho Center filled to near capacity to listen to Elder Russell M. Nelson. Courtesy LDS Church Returning Mormon missionaries cause BYU-Idaho enrollment to rise
    Idaho Falls, Idaho • The return of Mormon missionaries who are now heading off to college has boosted enrollment at Brigham Young University-Idaho. Th...
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  • (Leah Hogsten  |  Tribune file photo)  
Temple Square in Salt Lake City on Friday, November 28, 2014.. Christianity shrinking in U.S.; Mormon numbers essentially flat
    The share of Americans who consider themselves Christian is falling fast, while the ranks of the “nones” — atheists, agnostics and “nothing in particu...
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    The grass has turned brown in front of the Los Angeles California Temple on Santa Monica Boulevard in Westwood, Calif., Monday, May 11, 2015. California's first Mormon temple is letting its lawn go brown as drought concerns have water users tightening their consumption statewide. (AP Photo/Damian Dovarganes) L.A. Mormons join California’s drought fight, let temple lawn go brown
    Mormon temples are famous for their scenic grounds. Flowers, fountains and greenery — lots of greenery — often adorn these edifices. Not so much anymo...
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  • (Trent Nelson  |  The Salt Lake Tribune)  
Christus, a statue of Jesus Christ on display at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints' Temple Square in downtown Salt Lake City on  Thursday, March 7, 2013. Commentary: Can you be a Christian without believing in Christ?
    The rise of the “nones” — Americans who no longer check a religious affiliation on demographic surveys — has stirred up interesting conversations amon...
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  • Op-ed: Hiding Mormon race history doesn’t make it go away
    On May 5, The Salt Lake Tribune reported the story of Brian Dawson, a Caucasian man in an interracial marriage who answered a student’s question about...
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  • (Leah Hogsten  |  The Salt Lake Tribune)  
Sisters l-r Katie Marler and Mindee Heaps capture a quick selfie on the skybridge of City Creek. Unveiled in 2012, City Creek combines more than 100 stores, offices and high-end residences into what developers and planners call City Creek Center: a mall built to last and to lead, but will it?
    Ten years ago, LDS Church leaders reportedly wanted the shopping center they were about to build in their own front yard to be both world class and en...
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  • (Courtesy photo)  
The First Presidency of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints recently visited  the home of Elder and Sister L. Tom Perry. Perry is a member of the church's Quorum of Twelve Apostles. Ill health prevents Mormon apostle Scott from meeting with fellow LDS leaders
    Mormon leader Richard G. Scott, who has suffered a series of health setbacks in recent weeks, “is not fully able to participate in meetings” with his ...
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  • ((Tribune file photo)  )
Louise Degn Acclaimed Utah journalist, and music lover, dies at 68
    A fearless Utah journalist and lover of music has died. Louise Degn died Friday at age 68, six years after receiving a bone cancer diagnosis. The lon...
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  • (Courtesy photo)  
Katie West Payne's art exhibit, “A Space for the Contemplation of a Sacred Silence, BYU art exhibit focuses on a teaching Mormons rarely discuss: Heavenly Mother
    What can’t be expressed in words is often said without them, through art. That’s what Katie West Payne’s exhibit at Brigham Young University attempts...
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  • (Leah Hogsten  |  Tribune file photo)  
Temple Square in Salt Lake City on Friday, November 28, 2014.. Christianity shrinking in U.S.; Mormon numbers essentially flat
    The share of Americans who consider themselves Christian is falling fast, while the ranks of the “nones” — atheists, agnostics and “nothing in particu...
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  • (Courtesy  |  Brian Dawson)

Brian Dawson and his wife, Ezinne Dawson. This Mormon Sunday school teacher was dismissed for using church's own race essay in lesson
    It all started with a question. The Mormon youth simply asked his white Sunday school teacher why the man’s Nigerian wife and her family would join a ...
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  • (Al Hartmann |  The Salt Lake Tribune)  
Hundreds bow their heads in prayer at the 64th annual National Day of Prayer held at the Red Lion in Salt Lake City Thursday May 7. Utahns unite for National Day of Prayer, honor departing Catholic bishop
    With heads bowed to the ground and hearts lifted to the heavens, Utahns from various faith traditions paused Thursday to participate in the 64th Annua...
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  • Mama Dragons lead the fight for their gay Mormon kids
    For these Mormon moms, their “coming-out” — as activists — often follows the same storyline. They are fairly traditional Latter-day Saints. Their son...
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  • Groundbreaking set for Cedar City Mormon temple
    Southern Utah’s Festival City soon will gain another attraction: a Mormon temple. An Aug. 8 groundbreaking has been set for the Cedar City Temple, The...
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  • (Chris Detrick  |  The Salt Lake Tribune)  
LDS Church President Thomas S. Monson salutes the crowd during the 185th Annual LDS General Conference Saturday April 4, 2015. At 87, Mormon leader Thomas S. Monson ‘feeling the effects’ of his age, LDS Church says
    LDS Church President Thomas S. Monson is “feeling the effects of advancing age,” the Utah-based faith said Friday, but don’t expect him or any other t...
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  • This artist rendering shows former Michigan Solicitor General John Bursch defending state laws during the Supreme Court hearing on same-sex marriage, Tuesday, April 28, 2015, in Washington.  Justice from left are, Sonia Sotomayor, Stephen Breyer, Antonin Scalia,, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Samuel Alito Jr. and Elena Kagan.  (AP Photo/Dana Verkouteren) Commentary: An open letter to the Supreme Court as you consider same-sex marriage
    Mr. Chief Justice and may it please the court: As you and the other justices of the Supreme Court consider whether to strike down marriage-equality ba...
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