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Utah Gov. Gary Herbert on Wednesday vetoed a bill that would create a path for non-educators to become public school administrators. HB197 would have allowed a local school board to request permissio...

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  • BYU gets ‘best buy’ ranking from financial tips website
    Brigham Young University is Utah’s best buy for a four-year degree, according to a financial tips website. SmartAsset ranked seven Utah colleges. Revi...
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  • (Rick Egan  |  The Salt Lake Tribune)  

L-R Rory Lillico, 10, Autumn Lillico, 6, and Liam Lillico, 8, use Google Fiber for their Internet connections in their family computer room in their home in Provo, Monday, March 30, 2015.  In Provo, schools have seen a surge in connectivity thanks to a free basic Internet package offered by Google. SLC schools hope Google Fiber will help bridge digital divide between high- and low-income families
    After signing up for Google Fiber last year, Duncan Lillico’s home evolved into a sort of mini Internet cafe. The Provo family’s three children, often...
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  • Courtesy  |  Ben Bromley, University of Utah

In this acrylic painting, University of Utah astrophysicist Ben Bromley envisions the view of a double sunset from an uninhabited Earthlike planet orbiting a pair of binary stars. In a new study, Bromley and Scott Kenyon of the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory performed mathematical analysis and simulations showing that it is possible for a rocky planet to form around binary stars, like Luke Skywalkerís home planet Tatooine in the ìStar Warsî films. So far, NASAís Kepler space telescope has found only gas-giant planets like Saturn or Neptune orbiting binary stars. U. study says planets with two suns are a reality — not just in ‘Star Wars’
    Luke Skywalker would likely feel at home on a number of real-life planets. Giant, rocky masses orbiting two suns have a place outside of Hollywood, a...
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  • (Rick Egan  |  The Salt Lake Tribune)  

The Stevens-Henager campus in Murray, Friday, March 20, 2015. CollegeAmerica and affiliated schools accused of deceiving students about value of degrees
    An ad for CollegeAmerica — a division of the Utah-based Center for Excellence in Higher Education Inc. (CEHE) — tells prospective students there’s a ...
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  • (Rick Egan  |  The Salt Lake Tribune)  

Conner Nelson (left) and Lucas Bolster, of Sunrise Elementary, launch a marshmallow with a catapult they made at the engineering fair at the University of Utah Student Union ballroom, Thursday, March 26, 2015. Too early yet to tell if Utah’s STEM campaign and cash are working
    This spring, Annie Marsden will graduate from the University of Chicago after completing a dual major in math and chemistry. She will then skip acros...
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  • (Rick Egan  |  The Salt Lake Tribune)  

Utah Board of Regents is expected to approve a 3 percent tuition bump at Utah colleges and universities. The University of Utah is contemplating adding 0.5 percent on top of that, Friday, March 27, 2015. Tuition is set to rise 3 percent at most Utah public colleges, 3.5 percent at U.
    Utah students will pay slightly more for college next year. And undergraduates at the University of Utah will fork over a bit more than most. Tuitio...
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Screen printed ties from Accidental Gentlemen.

Need a stronger skateboard or a last-minute sublet? Utah college entrepreneurs compete for $100K
    The Utah Entrepreneurship Challenge is a clearinghouse for gaps in the Chamber of Commerce. College students’ new business ideas range from an aluminu...
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  • (Scott Sommerdorf   |  The Salt Lake Tribune)  
Mark Schwartz, right, takes time out to fill out his judging sheet while judging science projects at the Salt Lake Valley Science and Engineering Fair, at the University of Utah, Wednesday, March 25, 2015. Student researchers put their scientific theories on display at regional science fairs
    At $2.99 a bag, Jolly Time microwave popcorn costs more than the $1.39 Western Family variety, but it also pops more efficiently than its less-expensi...
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  • | Courtesy Entertainment Arts & Engineering at the University of Utah
The Princeton Review named the U.'s Entertainment Arts & Engineering graduate program No. 1 in the nation, and it's undergraduate program No. 2. University of Utah’s video gaming program ranked No. 1 for grad students, No. 2 for undergrads
    From his home in Mumbai a few years ago, Saumya Mukul chose the game design program at Utah’s flagship university. The University of Utah’s second-pl...
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  • (Al Hartmann  |  The Salt Lake Tribune)  
Brad Smith, president of the Utah State Board of Education, left, and member David Crandall listen to public comments at the Utah State School Board Meeting in Salt Lake City on Friday, Feb. 6. There was a sizeable group of parents with their children wearing green shirts who are opposed to Common Core, No Child Left Behind and statewide testing. The group is speaking out against federal overreach into education while Gov. Gary Herbert meets with the State School Board. Utah superintendent apologizes for comparing education ralliers to kid crying on Christmas
    State Superintendent Brad Smith penned an open letter to Utah’s educators Monday, apologizing for critical remarks he made two weeks ago to The Salt L...
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  • West Jordan charter school student wins county spelling bee
    A sardius is a precious stone set into a priest’s breastplate. Last weekend, it was the word that won an eighth-grade Navigator Pointe Academy student...
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  • (Steve Griffin  |  The Salt Lake Tribune)  

Sand Ridge Junior High School teacher Jennifer Graviet works with her ninth-grade language arts class at the Roy school Friday, March 20, 2015. Why do Utah lawmakers distrust Utah teachers?
    On the final day of the 2015 Utah Legislature, teachers were described as incompetent, criticized for having a poor work ethic and compared to 3-year-...
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  • Utah researchers find new, ultra-stiff inner layer of Earth, insides of planet also likely hotter than previously thought
    University of Utah researchers say they have discovered a previously unknown layer of earth that is 900 miles deep and stiffer than believed. Findings...
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  • (Rick Egan  |  The Salt Lake Tribune)  

Students take a test in their AP US History class, class at Skyline high, Thursday, March 19, 2015 State school board backs away from veto request on bill that could leave AP, IB vulnerable
    The state school board will not ask Gov. Gary Herbert to veto legislation that revises significant chunks of Utah’s education laws. Initially worried ...
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  • (Leah Hogsten  |  The Salt Lake Tribune)  
To earn money for college, Shantel Martinez works more than 30 hours a week at Nickelcade, Saturday, March 14, 2015 while handling a full class load as a senior at Granger High School. Martinez and her mother filled out a FAFSA, Free Application for Federal Student Aid last week, and she learned she qualified for nearly $6,000 in aid. Most of Utah's high school seniors skip FAFSA, giving the state the nation's lowest completion rate. Why don’t Utah students want money for college?
    For the past eight months, Shantel Martinez has been frantically applying for scholarships and working 33 hours a week at Nickelcade while taking a fu...
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  • (Francisco Kjolseth  |  Tribune file photo)  
The Brigham Young University campus in Provo. BYU graduates complain to accrediting board over school’s treatment of lapsed-Mormon students
    A group of Brigham Young University graduates is strengthening its push for students who lose their Mormon faith to retain their spots at the private ...
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  • Legislative attorney tapped for State Office of Education job
    A member of Utah’s Office of Legislative Research and General Counsel will head up policy and communication at the Utah State Office of Education, off...
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  • Legislature funds buildings, graduation bonuses for colleges and universities
    In the race for public funding, new college buildings for research and classroom space did well at the Legislature this year. Among the winners was a...
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  • Utah lawmakers approve $1M for online preschool expansion
    More than 6,000 Utah children could be using free, at-home preschool prep software next year after Utah lawmakers set aside $1 million last week to ex...
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  • (Leah Hogsten  |  The Salt Lake Tribune)  
Randy Quarles from Waterford School cheers on his teammates during the semifinal round of the annual Utah Regional FIRST Robotics Competition where 53 high school teams from 11 states and Canada compete to see whose robot can stack and sort recyclable materials the fastest on Saturday at the Maverick Center. Robots and their child overlords invade Utah for a day
    West Valley City • It’s not about winning — it’s about learning. And, OK, the teamwork and fun, too. The Maverik Center was crazy with excitement Satu...
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  • (Steve Griffin  |  The Salt Lake Tribune)  

Rodney Stewart, Ph.D., assistant professor in the Department of Oncological Sciences at the University of Utah, with a tank of zebrafish his lab, in the Huntsman Cancer Institute, uses to track how cancer grows and which treatments can stop it from spreading. Researchers at the Huntsman Cancer Institute like to use the fish because they are cheaper than mice and because many of them are bred so they are see-through, (they lack a pigmentation gene), which enables researchers to watch cancer as it spreads in their bodies. Stewart was in his lab in Salt Lake City, Thursday, March 12, 2015. Little zebrafish offer big hope for U. of U. cancer research
    The University of Utah hopes tiny fish will make big waves at the school’s landlocked campus. Scientists studying cancer have netted a $1.1 million e...
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