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New movement in Washington on No Child Left Behind has Utah education policymakers optimistic that change is coming to the widely criticized federal law. Members of the Senate Health, Education, Labo...

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  • (Scott Sommerdorf   |  The Salt Lake Tribune)  
Nurse Shasta Mitchell, right, waits to speak with Charge Nurse Mary Anderson during a shift in the UofU Emergency Room, Wednesday, April 15, 2015. Despite a national shortage of nurses, the U. is only accepting about 60 percent of qualified applicants. Why are the U.’s nursing programs rejecting qualified applicants?
    The United States will need half a million more nurses in the next decade as baby boomers age and hospital workers retire. But Utah’s flagship univers...
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  • Growth in University of Utah student fees
Since the 2000-2001 academic year, annual student fees at the University of Utah have grown from $525.70 to $1,060.32 — or a little more than double in 15 years. Utah students pay hundreds in fees to pay for sports, new buildings
    Tuition doesn’t cover all of it. Utah students and their families will pay more next year for the nonacademic costs of college: new gyms, buildings, ...
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  • Obama aide: Communities need to help disadvantaged youth succeed
    Communities and neighborhoods need to begin taking responsibility for helping disadvantaged youth — especially minorities — get the education they nee...
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  • (Al Hartmann  |  The Salt Lake Tribune)   
Salt Lake Center for Science Education tenth-grader Elliot Hamilton takes measurement during an experiment in making biodiesel from used cooking oils from local restaurants Tuesday April 7, 2015. The state school board will vote this week on advancing new science standards that emphasize engineering and hands-on experimentation. New school science standards could soon go before Utah parents for review
    After being put on hold in February over concerns about content and clarity, new science education standards earned preliminary approval from a commit...
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  • President Barack Obama walks out and waves with the Easter Bunny on the Truman Balcony during the White House Easter Egg Roll on the South Lawn of White House in Washington, Monday, April 6, 2015. Thousands of children gathered at the White House for the annual Easter Egg Roll. This year’s event features live music, cooking stations, storytelling, and of course, some Easter egg roll. (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais) Easter Bunny, and Salt Lake County sheriff, to visit Riverton special-needs school
    The Easter Bunny is getting an extended gig in Utah, thanks to the Unified Police Department, the Jordan School District and a National Sheriffs Assoc...
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  • (Chris Detrick  |  The Salt Lake Tribune)  
Salt Lake City School District board member Michael Clara attends a school board meeting as School board member dons ‘Bandito’ costume to protest police presence at meetings
    In-fighting between members of Salt Lake City’s school board has taken a turn for the theatrical. For the past month, board member Michael Clara has a...
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  • (Steve Griffin  |  The Salt Lake Tribune)  

Erika Gustafson to her preschool children during class at the Child and Family Development Center, which is the laboratory school at the University of Utah, in Salt Lake City, Tuesday, April 7, 2015. Utah trails the nation with public preschool offerings
    Thanks to New Hampshire, Utah doesn’t have the smallest percentage of students enrolled in public preschool programs. But the Beehive State does have...
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  • (Rick Egan  |  The Salt Lake Tribune)  
University of Utah students, Ryan Clayton and Sam Babcock walk to class last month. University officials faces student questions on tuition, faculty raises and other issues on Tuesday. University of Utah students get an explanation for their higher tuition
    University of Utah students on Tuesday quizzed administrators on rising tuition, faculty raises and the school’s low rate of American Indian students....
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  • Environmentalists sue EPA to force state to require Price-area power plants to clean up
    A coalition of environmental groups is suing federal air quality regulators to spur action on air pollution generated by Utah’s older coal-fired power...
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  • Logan charter school student wins state geography bee for second time
    Do you know what country includes Bathurst Island, Melville Island and Mornington Island? Gauri Garg does. And her correct answer — Australia — won th...
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  • Logan student heading to National Geography Bee
    Logan • A Logan eighth-grader is heading to the National Geography Bee in Washington, D.C., after winning the state bee for a second straight year. Fo...
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  • (George Henrie | Courtesy photo)   
Band members at Manti High School read from digital sheet music on iPads during a recent basketball game. The iPads were purchased by the school district as part of a one-to-one device program funded in part by the School and Institutional Trust Lands Administration, or SITLA. 

Want $1K for your Utah school? Impress SITLA on Instagram
    Utah’s school land trust managers are offering a funding bonus to the school that takes the best picture on Instagram. Students, teachers and princip...
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  • Utah public schools can now apply for $3.4M in grants to help fill in-demand jobs
    Utah officials have a new target in their effort to produce more workers for growing industries — and some in the untapped class may still be sipping ...
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  • Bhangra, yoga and more: Annual ‘India Night’ comes to University of Utah
    An annual ‘India Night’ celebration is scheduled for this weekend at the University of Utah. The Saturday event is open to the public but tickets are...
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  • Governor vetoes bill making it easier for non-educators to become school principals
    Utah Gov. Gary Herbert on Wednesday vetoed a bill that would have created a path for non-educators to become public school administrators. HB197 woul...
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  • BYU gets ‘best buy’ ranking from financial tips website
    Brigham Young University is Utah’s best buy for a four-year degree, according to a financial tips website. SmartAsset ranked seven Utah colleges. Revi...
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  • (Rick Egan  |  The Salt Lake Tribune)  

L-R Rory Lillico, 10, Autumn Lillico, 6, and Liam Lillico, 8, use Google Fiber for their Internet connections in their family computer room in their home in Provo, Monday, March 30, 2015.  In Provo, schools have seen a surge in connectivity thanks to a free basic Internet package offered by Google. SLC schools hope Google Fiber will help bridge digital divide between high- and low-income families
    After signing up for Google Fiber last year, Duncan Lillico’s home evolved into a sort of mini Internet cafe. The Provo family’s three children, often...
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  • Courtesy  |  Ben Bromley, University of Utah

In this acrylic painting, University of Utah astrophysicist Ben Bromley envisions the view of a double sunset from an uninhabited Earthlike planet orbiting a pair of binary stars. In a new study, Bromley and Scott Kenyon of the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory performed mathematical analysis and simulations showing that it is possible for a rocky planet to form around binary stars, like Luke Skywalkerís home planet Tatooine in the ìStar Warsî films. So far, NASAís Kepler space telescope has found only gas-giant planets like Saturn or Neptune orbiting binary stars. U. study says planets with two suns are a reality — not just in ‘Star Wars’
    Luke Skywalker would likely feel at home on a number of real-life planets. Giant, rocky masses orbiting two suns have a place outside of Hollywood, a...
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  • (Rick Egan  |  The Salt Lake Tribune)  

The Stevens-Henager campus in Murray, Friday, March 20, 2015. CollegeAmerica and affiliated schools accused of deceiving students about value of degrees
    An ad for CollegeAmerica — a division of the Utah-based Center for Excellence in Higher Education Inc. (CEHE) — tells prospective students there’s a ...
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  • (Rick Egan  |  The Salt Lake Tribune)  

Conner Nelson (left) and Lucas Bolster, of Sunrise Elementary, launch a marshmallow with a catapult they made at the engineering fair at the University of Utah Student Union ballroom, Thursday, March 26, 2015. Too early yet to tell if Utah’s STEM campaign and cash are working
    This spring, Annie Marsden will graduate from the University of Chicago after completing a dual major in math and chemistry. She will then skip acros...
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  • (Rick Egan  |  The Salt Lake Tribune)  

Utah Board of Regents is expected to approve a 3 percent tuition bump at Utah colleges and universities. The University of Utah is contemplating adding 0.5 percent on top of that, Friday, March 27, 2015. Tuition is set to rise 3 percent at most Utah public colleges, 3.5 percent at U.
    Utah students will pay slightly more for college next year. And undergraduates at the University of Utah will fork over a bit more than most. Tuitio...
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