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Editor’s note • In this regular series, The Salt Lake Tribune explores the once-favorite places of Utahns, from restaurants to recreation to retail. If you have a spot you’d like us to explore, email whateverhappenedto@sltrib.com with your ideas. While restaurant …

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  • (Trent Nelson  |  The Salt Lake Tribune)  
Broadway Park Lofts is a new, 82-unit downtown development on the north edge of Pioneer Park, in Salt Lake City. Thursday January 22, 2015. Things are looking up around Pioneer Park — like this condo high-rise
    Salt Lake City’s push to create new living spaces downtown includes at least one vertical village. Nobody quite expected the trendy, high-rise condomi...
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  • Adam Synder (left) and Tori Vipond, president of the Park City High School Gay Straight Alliance, who worked together to get school officials to approve all gender restrooms at the school to accommodate students with gender identity or gender expression issues. As Utah lawmakers debate LGBT and religious rights, advocates say discrimination persists
    Last summer, with a new diagnosis of Hashimoto’s disease in hand, Alex went shopping for an endocrinologist to help him restore his thyroid health. W...
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  • (Leah Hogsten  |  The Salt Lake Tribune)  
Japanese-Americans retired Judge Ray Uno, left, Jeanette Misaka and Jeff E. Itami lived at the Heart Mountain, WY, internment camp and Itami also lived at the Minidoka interment camp in Idaho. To mark the day Day of Remembrance, February 19, 1942, the day President Roosevelt signed the order requiring Japanese Americans living along the West coast into inland internment camps, two busloads of members of the Japanese American Citizens League traveled from Salt Lake City to Delta on Saturday to tour the Topaz Museum and the site of the former internment camp 16 miles to the northwest outside of Delta. Interned Japanese Americans visit Utah’s Topaz camp
    Delta • Jeanette Misaka lived in another internment camp as a child, but traveling to Delta and to Topaz, the camp where more than 11,000 Japanese Ame...
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  • (Trent Nelson  |  The Salt Lake Tribune)  
Wendy Hendley of Provo has two kids at home, one on an LDS mission and another in college. She doesn't have medical insurance because she is in the coverage gap, making too much for Medicaid and too little to qualify for subsidized health care on the federal exchange. She wants the Utah Legislature to approve Healthy Utah, the governor's proposed Medicaid expansion because it would cover people like her in the gap. Hendley was photographed at her home in Provo, Wednesday February 18, 2015. Praying for nothing to happen: life in Utah without health insurance
    Provo resident Wendy Hendley can’t remember when she last had her teeth cleaned or examined. She is 44 and has never had her cholesterol checked. She ...
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  • (Al Hartmann  |  The Salt Lake Tribune)  
A view from the shore of Antelope Island looking east toward the Wasatch Mountains shows mudflats that are usually submerged by water of the Great Salt Lake Wednesday January 21. Will Utah be ready for a drier, hotter climate?
    The specter of drought hanging over the Southwest is already pretty dire, with forests drying out into beetle-killed tinderboxes and reservoir levels ...
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  • Closeup of the 1841Book of Mormon printed in Liverpool, England. During the course of a drug search warrant Monday night, the Midvale Police department  have recovered two 1840's era Books of Mormon and some old valuable newspaper copies -  stolen from the Mormon Institute at the University of Utah last year. 
Photo by Leah Hogsten. Midvale 4/19/06 And it came to pass, one day the Book of Mormon overtook the Bible — in LDS eyes
    Ezra Taft Benson, the only Mormon apostle ever to serve in a U.S. Cabinet, was known as a forceful foe of communism and a dedicated disciple of conser...
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  • (Courtesy)

Former Utah gymnast Nicolle Ford, now stars in Cirque du Soleil in Las Vegas, and is currently featured in the company's production of Former Utah gymnast thriving under bright lights in Vegas with Cirque du Soleil
    Former Utah gymnast Nicolle Ford was spending yet another day stuck in a lab at her job in Orem spinning blood samples when her phone rang. Ford, who ...
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  • Utah is lone cowboy trying to wrangle public lands
    Montana Sen. Jennifer Fielder fears the national forests around her slice of Big Sky country will burn because of federal forest management policies. ...
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  • (Leah Hogsten  |  The Salt Lake Tribune)  
Mayor Ralph Becker unveiled a new affordable housing program called Where, oh where have Salt Lake City’s affordable apartments gone?
    As a historic apartment-building boom spreads throughout Salt Lake City and across the region, plenty of winners are emerging. Investors in multifamil...
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  • Lynn Chamberlain  |  Utah Division of Wildlife Resources

Black bear Warm Utah weather confusing wildlife
    If Utah’s humans are confused by this balmy February weather, pity its poor animals. State wildlife biologists are bracing for unseasonal behavior fro...
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  • (Al Hartmann  |  The Salt Lake Tribune)  
Desmond Lomax, Clinincal Supervisor-Program Director at the prison's Con-Quest Program congratulates 43 inmates who ran the first 5K race at the Utah State PrisonAug. 28, 2014. Volunteers and staff worried prison may be built too far away
    As they seek a new home for the state prison, legislative leaders have long said they will try to find land close to where corrections officers and th...
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  • Salt Lake city resident and longtime landlady Thelma McDonald, second from the left, pictured with family members. Salt Lake City housing project keeps alive the spirit of ‘Thelma’s block’
    Most of her old homes are gone but a kindly landlady from another era still looks over the Salt Lake City neighborhood she cherished. Thelma McDonald’...
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  • |  Courtesy Autumn Shipp

Autumn Shipp communicates with her brother Britton at Dixie Regional Medical Center. After suffering a traumatic brain injury, Britton is a mild conscious state, and is able to respond to commands. Prep sports: Family, community still believe for Britton
    Santa Clara • Sanitized with an antiviral facemask, latex gloves and a fluorescent yellow isolation gown, Autumn Shipp is approved to proceed inside R...
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  • (Al Hartmann  |  The Salt Lake Tribune)   
Former Attorney General Mark Shurtleff, appearing in court on criminal charges in July 2014, faces another court hearing this week. Warrants portray Shurtleff living it up, helping shady friends
    Newly unsealed search warrants in the investigation of former Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff paint a picture of him partying with friends with c...
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  • (Leah Hogsten  |  The Salt Lake Tribune)  
The neon dragon sign that hung at the Star Noodle restaurant in Ogden for decades has been refurbished and was re-hung on Friday. The former Star Noodle dragon sign stood watch over 25th Street in Ogden for more than five decades. In 2008, the sign was taken down so it could be renovated. The sign is the original design built by YESCO in the 1950s with 250 feet of neon and 58 smaller lights. YESCO was contracted to refurbish the sign and the entire structure was completely sanded down to the original structure. Whatever happened to...the Star Noodle neon dragon?
    Editor’s note • In this regular series, The Tribune explores the once-favorite places of Utahns, from restaurants to recreation to retail. If you hav...
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  • (Francisco Kjolseth  |  The Salt Lake Tribune)  
Skyline Arch is lit up at night as the setting begins to reveal the sea of stars above during a camping trip to Arches National Park. National parks managers hope to spiff up using new funding in advance of 2016 Centennial
    Editor’s note • This is the first of an occasional series of stories about The National Park Service, which will mark 100 years on Aug. 25, 2016 — the...
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  • |  Courtesy Ron and Geri Rohbock

Sherilyn Rohbock, top, and her stepmother, Geri Rohbock, look up at the tram at the San Diego Zoo in this October 2014 photo. The Rohbock family was told to leave Utah while police and federal agents investigated how Sharilyn came to live inside a travel trailer in Hildale, Utah. Girl from Utah polygamous sect whisked from parking lot, fingers get pointed
    The last time Ron Rohbock saw his daughter was in October in a store parking lot in Mesquite, Nev. He says a white Ford F-350, registered to a member ...
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  • (Al Hartmann  |  The Salt Lake Tribune)  
LDS Apostle Dallin H. Oaks makes a public statement for religious freedom and nondiscrimination in Salt Lake City Tuesday Jan. 27, 2015. He was one of four LDS leaders that called for legislation that protects vital religious freedoms while at the same time supporting protections in housing and employment for LGBT people. Utah lawmakers face tall task: balancing LGBT, religious rights
    Proponents of a law banning discrimination against gay and lesbian Utahns are hailing an endorsement from the LDS Church as a major boost for a bill t...
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  • To the benefit of defendants, 10th Circuit appeals court limits possible sentence enhancement in Utah case
    Your English teacher was right: Grammar is important. The 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has cut through a “bramble of prepositional phrases” to d...
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  • |  Courtesy 

There are seemingly a million options for lighting while enjoying the outdoors. NanoGrid has come up with what appears to be a unique option. The 3-in-1 NanoGrid comes with a PowerLight (flashight/lantern and power storage) a remote lanterns. Charge it with a USB cord connected to a standard power supply or plug it into other BioLite power generating devices like the CampStove, BaseCamp or KettleCharge. The PowerLight works as a remote to control SiteLights - two come with the kit. Two extra SiteLights can be purchased providing up to 40 feet of lighting. The NanoGrid provides 10 watts of power (up to three smartphone refills). The NanoGrid system, which includes the PowerLight and two SiteLights, costs $99.95. The PowerLight is available separately for $79.95, and two SiteLights cost $29.95 separately. Available at www.biolitestove.com and soon at REI. Outdoors: Cool new stuff from Outdoor Retailer Winter Market
    More than 22,000 people recently attended the annual Outdoor Retailer Winter Market at the Salt Palace Convention Center. Outdoor gear from more than ...
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  • (Al Hartmann  |  The Salt Lake Tribune)  
A distant view of Antelope Island from the causeway shows mudflats that are usually submeged by the water of the Great Salt Lake Wednesday Jan. 21, 2015. The lake is approaching near-record lows. Great Salt Lake at near-record low level
    There’s a new normal at the Great Salt Lake. Hundreds of square miles of lakebed are exposed. Boat marinas are nearly landlocked. Islands have become ...
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  • (Scott Sommerdorf  |  Tribune file photo)  
The Utah Transit Authority, which spends about twice as much on out-of-state travel as the Utah Department of Transportation, points to the successful completion of multiple TRAX and FrontRunner lines under budget and ahead of schedule to show that it is an efficient, well-run agency. UTA officials’ travel down, still extensive
    He traveled out of state for his job 42 times in 28 months. Internationally, he jetted twice to Switzerland, once to Germany and another time to Montr...
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  • (Al Hartmann  |  The Salt Lake Tribune)  
Abe Katz, 91, remembers the five years he survived at Auschwitz concentration camp as a teen. He was liberated from Auschwitz 70 years ago on Jan. 27, 1945. Always the optimist in life, he hasn't missed voting in an election since he became a U.S. citizen. He's lived in Salt Lake City since 1950. Utah Auschwitz survivor: ‘This story should not be forgotten. It could happen again.’
    Abe Katz is gregarious and resilient — attributes that no doubt helped him survive Auschwitz. On the 70th anniversary of the liberation of the infamou...
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