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Last Updated Nov 27, 2015 09:48AM

In Utah, one should never underestimate the force of Jell-O. That’s true on Thanksgiving and when it comes to The Salt Lake Tribune’s annual Jell-O haiku contest. It’s the ninth time we’ve asked readers to wax about Utah’s official state …

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  • Kerry Brown  |  courtesy Sundance Film Festival Saoirse Ronan (left) and Domhnall Gleeson star in the ’50s immigrant drama ’Brooklyn,’ one of the films in the Premieres slate of the 2015 Sundance Film Festival. Holiday movie preview: From ‘Star Wars’ to Oscar prestige, shiny gifts in abundance
    Movie studios, like Christmas shoppers, are hoping for a shiny gift at the end of the year — either money at the box office, or a gold statuette or tw...
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