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$7.99 • Menudo is a spicy Mexican soup highlighting beef tripe (cow stomach). Red chile peppers, cilantro, onions and fresh lime add lively layers to the kicky broth, while the expertly prepared tripe is tender and flavorful from slow cooking. …

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Utahn Katie Weinner struggles with a pasta machine on Utah’s ‘Top Chef’ advances despite confidence crisis
    On Wednesday night’s episode of “Top Chef,” Utah’s Katie Weinner proved she has the culinary skills to create an impressive dish, even when things go …
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  • (Photo illustration by Francisco Kjolseth and Blain Hefner  |  The Salt Lake Tribune)  

The haunted history at Log Haven restaurant includes the sounds of youngsters playing in the bar, once a children's bedroom in the old mansion. Log Haven offers three days of delights from the dark side. In addition the regular menu, guests can try holiday-themed specials and creepy cocktails, Wednesday-Friday, Oct. 29-31, 5:30 to 9 p.m. Utah restaurants celebrating the season with Halloween, Day of the Dead specials
    Salt Lake area restaurants are hosting several dining events this week for those looking to celebrate fall, Halloween or Day of the Dead. Haunted H …
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  • This Sept. 22, 2014 photo shows liquid mud punch in Concord, N.H. The beverage takes a more balanced approach to our Halloween sugar rush. (AP Photo/Matthew Mead) Recipes: Halloween treats don’t have to rot your teeth?
    It’s true. Despite what the kids think, not all Halloween treats need to rot your teeth on contact. Which isn’t to say the goodies we’ve gathered here …
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  • (Francisco Kjolseth  |  The Salt Lake Tribune)  
Celebrate Jell-O in Utah with an original Thanksgiving poem
    It’s time to participate in one of our favorite Thanksgiving traditions — The Salt Lake Tribune’s annual Jell-O Haiku contest. Readers of all ages ar …
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  • FILE - This Sept. 30, 2007 file photo shows Halloween chocolate stays steady but prices for Valentine’s Day sweets could sour
    New York • That bowl of chocolates for ninjas and ghosts won’t cost you more this Halloween. But picking the perfect sweet for your Valentine could. T …
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Menudo (Mexican tripe soup) ($7.99) served in the restaurant at Rancho Market in West Valley City. Pig parts, bovine bites and chicken feet? Offal showing up on more Utah menus
    Offal — otherwise known as organ meats and entrails — is an interesting culinary topic: Take a regional food custom originally created to use all part …
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  • This Oct. 6, 2014 photo shows fennel cumin roasted butternut squash in Concord, N.H. For this recipe start by oiling some cubed butternut squash, then roasting it until lightly browned outside and tender inside, to get an easy roasted butternut squash. (AP Photo/Matthew Mead) Recipe: Leave seasoning to the end for a better butternut
    We tend to associate vinaigrettes with salad, but they actually are an easy — and speedy — way to add tons of flavor to all manner of dishes. One of m …
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  • This Oct. 9, 2014, photo shows roasted beets with orange vinaigrette, pecans and goat cheese in Concord, N.H. (AP Photo/Matthew Mead) Recipe: Roasted beets can brighten up any holiday table
    Beets are the perfect addition to bountiful fall feasts. They are satisfying without being heavy, and their rich ruby and golden tones add visual inte …
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  • Food briefs: FruitShare donates 25,000 pounds of Salt Lake City produce
    FruitShare donates 25,000 pounds of food Salt Lake City’s FruitShare program donated about 25,000 pounds of fruit to local food assistance programs t …
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  • No trick-or-treaters? Buy Halloween candy anyway!
    Don Stewart and his wife will be home with the lights on Halloween night, waiting for trick-or-treaters. But like a lot of folks who stock up on candy …
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  • This Sept. 29, 2014 photo shows corned beef hash stuffing in Concord, N.H. When making stuffing, it’s always better to slice and dry your own bread cubes. In the chaos of getting the many components of Thanksgiving dinner on the table in a timely manner, many of us won’t have the time to make that happen. (AP Photo/Matthew Mead) 10 Things: 10 fresh ways to doctor stuffing mix
    Let’s be clear about something... When making stuffing, it’s always better to slice and dry your own bread cubes. Hands down, the taste and texture ar …
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  • This product image provided by Dunkin' Donuts shows the chain's new Dunkin’ plans ‘Croissant Donut’ — not a ‘Cronut’
    New York • Dunkin’ Donuts plans to roll out a croissant-doughnut hybrid in the U.S. next week, but the company says please don’t call it a “Cronut.” T …
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  • This Sept. 29, 2014 photo shows fried sage that will be used in a pumpkin risotto dish in Concord, N.H. Like omelets or tortillas, risotto is attractive as a weeknight dinner because of its flexibility. (AP Photo/Matthew Mead) Recipe: Taking the tedium out of making pumpkin risotto
    If you’ve never made risotto before, you’re missing out on a great candidate for a weeknight meal. With no more at hand than the right rice, an onion, …
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  • Here are 4 cookbooks I didn’t want to like, but do anyway
    Over the years, I’ve developed a simple system for processing the hundreds of cookbooks that cross my desk every year. It’s the six-pile process. Pile...

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  • (Trent Nelson  |  The Salt Lake Tribune)  
Baked Goat Cheese at Oak Wood Fire Kitchen in Draper. Thursday October 16, 2014. Dish of the Week: Baked goat cheese from Oak Wood Fire Kitchen
    $9 • The baked goat cheese starter at Oak Wood Fire Kitchen highlights all the outstanding parts of this new restaurant. Triangular wedges of Oak brea …
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  • (Al Hartmann  |  The Salt Lake Tribune)  
Ryan Moore smiles as he smells a hot loaf of ciabatta bread just out of the oven. The Utah baker will compete in the first round of the Bread Bakers Guild Team USA competition in Providence, R.I. Utah breadmaker’s old-school ways gaining national attention
    Between baking at a local restaurant and practicing for a national competition, Utah baker Ryan Moore says he “dances with dough” all day. On Friday a …
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Pizza in the oven at Oak Wood Fire Kitchen in Draper. Thursday October 16, 2014. Restaurant review: Get fired up in Draper at Oak Wood Fire Kitchen
    Draper • Draper has long been lacking in quality, locally owned restaurants. But with the addition of Oak Wood Fire Kitchen to the fast-growing 12300 …
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  • This Sept. 29, 2014 photo shows smoky slow cooker vegetarian chili in Concord, N.H. No browning or other pots needed for this dump-and-go vegetarian chili that truly takes just 10 minutes to assemble. (AP Photo/Matthew Mead) Recipe: Easy slow cooker chili that lives up to the hype
    Slow cookers have legions of fans. I am not among them. It’s partly philosophical, partly practical. Let’s start with the latter. Truth is, I’m just …
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  • This Oct. 6, 2014 photo shows slow cooker beef stew with chickpeas in Concord, N.H. Fall officially kicks off the season of soups, roasts and stews. And that means it’s time to dig out your slow cooker. (AP Photo/Matthew Mead) Healthy recipe: Chickpeas in your beef stew make it deliciously leaner
    Picture this: After a long day at the office (or at the kids’ soccer field or wherever) you turn the key to open your front door and are greeted by th …
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  • Recipe: A salty caramel makeover for Rice Krispies Treats
    To be honest, I had no idea about Rice Krispies Treats. That is, I certainly knew of them, but I’d never made them. And I never knew just how deliciou …
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  • This Oct. 6, 2014 photo shows red wine braised slow cooker short ribs in Concord, N.H. There is not a way to brown meat or vegetables within the moist confines of a slow cooker, which means that those ingredients will require some time in the skillet beforehand. (AP Photo/Matthew Mead)  Recipe: Slow cooker short ribs that are worth the trouble
    Many people love the idea of a slow cooker because it seems so simple — open the pot, insert ingredients, cover the pot, turn on the heat, then leave …
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