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$16 • Under the “hot” section of Handle’s small plates menu, you’ll find the veal. Not many restaurants serve veal these days, and it’s certainly a treat when it’s presented. This version surprises and delights on all fronts with the …

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  • Diet sodas fall in U.S.; Pepsi takes back No. 2 spot
    New York • Americans bought less soda for the tenth straight year in 2014, with diet sodas shrinking more than their sugary counterparts, according to...
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Marty Alston fires up the tractor in Draper last year. Utah CSA sign-ups: Pay now, get farm-fresh vegetables all summer long
    As the 2015 growing season gets under way, it’s time to think about signing up for a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program. Here’s how it work...
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Chris Harris, one of the first-year students in the Farmer Training program sponsored by Utah's Green Urban Lunch Box in Layton, stands in a piece of farmland near 1200 North and Highway 89 on Wednesday, March 18, 2015. Utah Farm School: program trains farmers to feed the next generation
    Julie Jacob yearned to be a farmer: to be outside, dig in the dirt and produce fresh healthy fruits and vegetables. But having never hoed even a row o...
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At the bottom of Main Street in Park City, Handle is dishing up creative American cuisine highlighting seasonal and regionally sourced ingredients in artful small-plate presentations. Restaurant review: Deftly handling the Park City dining scene
    Park City • In a resort town made famous first by silver and now the silver screen (as well as the Greatest Snow on Earth), it can be difficult to fin...
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  • This Feb. 23, 2015 photo shows roasted Brussels sprouts with Matzo Walnut crumbs in Concord, N.H. (AP Photo/Matthew Mead) Recipe: Getting evenly roasted Brussels sprouts is all about space
    With Passover looming, I thought it might be nice to suggest a side dish — roasted Brussels sprouts — to complement the feast’s traditional items. Bru...
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  • Utah food news: Food films at Brewvies, Chocolate and Cheese fest at Natural History Museum of Utah
    Food and Garden Film Fest Wasatch Community Gardens is hosting a Food & Garden Short Film Fest. Watch 30 people transform a yard into a lush, edible ...
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  • This March 2, 2015 photo shows creamy mushroom and caramelized onion matzo lasagna in Concord, N.H. (AP Photo/Matthew Mead) Recipe: Matzo as pizza? No thanks. But as lasagna is another story
    As a child, my only experience with matzo was my dad’s pizzas. This wasn’t a good association. For a number of years, his go-to late night snack was a...
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  • Want to love salads a little more? Check out “Salad Love”
    For most of us, salads are mainly unplanned affairs. Which is why the idea of salad cookbooks can seem kind of silly. Salad assembly generally is a pa...
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  • This Oct. 16, 2014 photo provided by Linda Lombardi shows a bowl of miso ramen soup at the Shin-Yokohama Raumen Museum in Yokohama, Japan. The museum is a food theme park devoted to ramen noodle soup. Visitors can try different varieties of the soup. The type pictured here comes from Kyushu in the south of Japan. (AP Photo/Linda Lombardi) Don’t just eat that ramen: Go to a museum and learn about it
    Tokyo • There are two kinds of ramen in this world. There’s the packaged staple of dorm-room cuisine, one of the most processed, industrialized foods ...
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  • Overnight Oatmeal with dried cherries. Courtesy  |  Choose Cherries Utah’s long sweet (and tart) history with the cherry
    Payson • At one time, most of the tart cherries grown in Utah were turned into sweet, syrupy fillings for pies and desserts. But the tart cherry indus...
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  • This February 23, 2015 photo shows tilapia with horseradish and beet green chimichurri in Concord, N.H. (AP Photo/Matthew Mead) Recipe: Potent, healthy condiments deliver big flavor, few calories
    When I was growing up, my family celebrated Jewish and Christian holidays. And one of my favorites was Passover, which starts April 3. Perhaps it was ...
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Giseleine Ancaya serves up Lomo Saltado, (beef, onion, tomato, sauteed with fries and rice) at Paulino's Contigo Peru restaurant in West Valley City. Restaurant review: The tastes of Peru a short trip away in West Valley City
    West Valley City • “What the heck do you know about South American cuisine? You’ve barely traveled farther south than Panguitch, let alone Peru.” In m...
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Joshua Edwards pours Latter Day Stout from Desert Edge, at Beer Hive Pub in Salt Lake City. 5 Utah stouts brewed with Irish charm for St. Patrick’s Day
    Guinness and other dark brews from Ireland will be big sellers through Tuesday, for St. Patrick’s Day. But there’s no need to pay for these imports wh...
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  • In this March 9, 2015 photo, manager Susan Wagner displays an Easter Butter Lamb at the Danish Maid Butter Company in Chicago where 155,000 butter lambs were produced for this Easter season. The butter lambs, usually about the size of a stick of butter, are a traditional part of the Easter table for many families of eastern European descent. The Chicago creamery start work on the butter lambs about two months before Easter and distributes them to grocery stores in eight states around the Midwest, East Coast and West. (AP Photo/M. Spencer Green) For some at Easter, it’s not the ham... It’s the butter lamb
    Chicago • Baked ham and brightly colored eggs are standard Easter fare for many families. But for some, it’s the butter that takes center stage. That ...
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  • This Nov. 3, 2014, photo shows chai-spiced doughnuts in Concord, N.H. The best kind of oil for these doughnuts is one that’s flavorless and has a high “smoke point.” The smoke point is the temperature at which a given oil starts to smoke; it can catch fire if it gets much hotter than that. (AP Photo/Matthew Mead) Recipe: Mastering deep-frying to get perfect doughnuts
    Many of us have a perfectly understandable fear of frying. After all, it can be both messy and dangerous. But it doesn’t have to be. And since eating ...
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  • This Feb. 16, 2015 photo shows overnight cherry chocolate chip oatmeal pudding in Concord, N.H. (AP Photo/Matthew Mead) Recipe: An overnight oat pudding that makes a healthy breakfast easy
    The trick to making a nutritious breakfast a daily habit is never being more than 60 seconds away from something healthy. Because in the morning rush,...
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  • This Oct. 20, 2014, photo shows Auchentoshan single malt Scotch in Concord, N.H. (AP Photo/MatthewMead) Scotch struts its milder side to appeal to bourbon crowd
    Peated Scotch whisky can be a bit of a polarizer. Plenty of people love the traditional, smoky flavor imbued with centuries of tradition. Plenty of ot...
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Bowman Brown  co-owner of Forage Restaurant tastes a sample of edible plant during a hike foraging in City Creek Canyon. Utah food news: Forage chef a James Beard semifinalist; new bubbly beers from Wasatch, Red Rock
    Forage chef a James Beard semifinalist Bowman Brown, chef and co-owner of Salt Lake City’s Forage restaurant, is once again a semifinalist in the Ja...
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  • This Feb. 23, 2015 photo shows spicy cashew falafel in Concord, N.H. (AP Photo/Matthew Mead) With help of a food processor, falafel turns into easy meal
    Falafel is one of those easy weeknight meals I rarely think to make, but when I do I feel like a dolt for not doing it more often. That’s because fala...
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It's Pi Day of the century: Here's where to get your pie
    This year, regular old Pi Day (3.14) is Pi Day of the Century because the date will be the first five digits of pi — 3.1415. To celebrate Pi Day of th...
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The Bobootie lamb curry sandwich at  Jafflz retro pocket sandwiches in Park City. Dish of the Week: Babootie Jaffle at Jafflz in Park City
    $7 • A toasted pocket sandwich filled with lamb curry pays homage to South Africa, where the jaffle is an everyday snack. Ground lamb and a bit of gro...
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