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News roundup: Sen. Mike Lee says President Trump is a conservative

First Published      Last Updated Jul 11 2017 05:19 pm

Sen. Mike Lee says President Trump is a conservative. Poll: Curtis leads in 3rd District race but half of voters undecided. Hughes says SLC, SL Co. and state must work together to tackle homelessness.

Happy Tuesday. Sen. Mike Lee, a darling of the right, says that, yes, President Donald Trump is a conservative, head of the Republican Party and qualified for office -- because he was elected to it. "I don’t think they would look at that and say, ‘We don’t like this president,’ or, ‘We don’t think he’s qualified.’ I think his qualifications occurred by virtue of the process that they themselves set up. That’s what qualifies someone to be president," Lee said. [Politico]

Topping the news: Provo Mayor John Curtis, who is running in the 3rd Congressional District special election, recently found out his city was ranked second best-run municipality in the country while a new poll shows that he is the frontrunner in the congressional race (though with almost half of voters undecided). [Trib] [DNews] [ABC4] [KUTV]

-> Utah House Speaker Greg Hughes isn’t sure that a homeless "czar" or the National Guard are the right solution to crime in the Rio Grande neighborhood, but he believes that there needs to be better cooperation between the Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County and the state. [Trib]

-> Monday was the last day to weigh in on national monument designations over the last 20 years, including Bears Ears National Monument. [ABC4]

Tweets of the day: From @byrdinator: "the main takeaway from 2016 is never email"

-> From @jeremynewberger: "To distance himself from Don Jr., Donald Trump just changed his name to Ivanka Trump Sr."


-> From @WaltHickey: "russia is a distraction, never take your eyes off the fact that it’s actually just mike myers in makeup"

-> From @ComfortablySmug: "Pretty rad of Christie to volunteer himself for an experiment to see if approval rating can actually hit zero"

Happy Birthday: To Lt. Gov. Spencer Cox, state Rep. Kim Coleman and our friend Daryl Wolke.

In other news: Members of Utah’s congressional delegation were critical of President Donald Trump’s proposal to form a cybersecurity task force with Russia. [DNews]

-> At a meeting on the state’s Medicaid expansion proposal, health care experts said that lack of transportation to hearings prevents low-income and disabled Utahns from chiming in on health care policy. [Trib] [DNews] [KUTV]

-> The Salt Lake County jail has seen a large increase in bookings after Sheriff Jim Winder lifted controversial booking restrictions. [KUER]

-> A judge sided with Big Cottonwood Canyon residents Monday in a ruling that says the Mountain Accord, a group of business leaders and elected officials formed to plan for land and population issues in the Wasatch Mountains, is subject to open meetings laws. [Trib]

-> Former FLDS leader Lyle Jeffs, who spent nearly one year on the lam, pleaded not guilty Monday to charges of failure to appear in court and food stamp fraud. [Trib] [DNews] [ABC4] [FOX13] [KUTV] [KUER]

-> West Coast Towing is suing the state based on allegations the Utah Highway Patrol and UDOT are giving preferential treatment to another towing company. [Trib] [DNews] [FOX13]

-> Salt Lake County Mayor Ben McAdams will send staffers to four satellite offices to increase accessibility for county residents. [DNews]

-> Two University of Utah law professors claim that Miranda Rights inhibit law enforcement officers’ ability to do their jobs. [Trib]

-> Pat Bagley draws comparisons between the predicament of homeless Utahns and the plight of refugees. [Trib]

-> Although Salt Lake City has an anti-idling ordinance, Paul Rolly writes that state legislative measures render them powerless. [Trib]

-> Robert Gehrke argues that it’s time for the state to step in to find a solution to the high crime rate in the Rio Grande district. [Trib]

Nationally: Donald Trump Jr. was reportedly informed of a Russian government effort to aid his father’s presidential campaign. [NYTimes] [WaPost] [Politico]

-> President Donald Trump decided to cancel an expensive search for a new FBI headquarters. [NYTimes] [WaPost]

-> Federal officials are ramping up an investigation into Jane Sanders, the wife of former presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, and a loan she obtained while head of failed Burlington College. [NYTimes] [WaPost]

Where are they?

  • Rep. Chris Stewart meets with Ottobock, votes and attends a House Intelligence Briefing.
  • Rep. Mia Love flies to Washington, attends a GOP legislative strategy meeting, participates in a climate change caucus meeting and votes.
  • Gov. Gary Herbert prepares for National Governors Association meetings and holds a summer staff event.
  • Lt. Gov. Spencer Cox participates in the Mental Health Crisis Line Commission, attends the National Association of County Agriculture Agents spouse luncheon and takes part in a summer staff event.
  • State Auditor John Dougall spends time in his office and has lunch with Salt Lake City Community Relations Director and former state Rep. Jennifer Seelig.

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