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News roundup: Former VP candidate Mindy Finn may leave the GOP

First Published      Last Updated Jul 06 2017 11:26 am

Former VP candidate Mindy Finn may leave the GOP. Lee helping to write alternative GOP health care bill. New Utah group targets redistricting.

Happy Wednesday. As a vice presidential candidate, Mindy Finn and her top-of-the-ticket-partner Evan McMullin grabbed 21 percent of Utah’s vote for president in November. Now Finn may be leaving the GOP. "Donald Trump’s Republican Party is not a party I recognize," Finn said, deriding the president as "dangerous" for the country. "It is not a party that I feel very comfortable affiliating with." [Politico]

Topping the news: Sen. Mike Lee is part of an effort to write a conservative alternative to the Senate’s health care bill that would garner the support of the majority. [DNews] [KUER]

-> Utah offers 91 sales tax exemptions that keeps the state from $650 million in revenue each year. [Trib]

-> A new political issues committee, Utahns for Responsive Government, is pushing for a ballot initiative that would create an independent commission to redraw political district boundaries. [Trib]

-> If Obamacare is repealed without a replacement, as many as 200,000 Utahns could lose health insurance according to the Utah Health Policy Project and Voices for Utah’s Children. [DNews]

Tweets of the day: From @jackshafer: "The 4th isn’t complete unless some lazy op-ed page publishes a ‘Declaration of Interdependence.’"

-> From @BronzeHammer: "North Korea launched a missile huh? Whoopee doo. Hey Kim, call me when you launch a beloved comedy podcast. Unless you’re scared"

-> From @GeorgeTakei: "Many are concerned there’s no agenda for Donald’s meeting with Putin. Not sure how much time will be left after the arm wrestling match tho."

Happy Birthday: To former state Rep. Johnny Anderson.

In other news: The Utah Supreme Court ruled that a naked self-portrait a father sent to his 5-year-old daughter is not sexually suggestive. [Trib]

-> Josh Holt, a Utah man who has been held in a Venezuelan prison for over a year, was reportedly injured. [ABC4]

-> A former child bride is seeking millions of dollars from Warren Jeffs and the FLDS church. [FOX13]

-> Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke plans to overhaul the BLM’s planning and environmental review procedures. [DNews]

-> Michael Fowlks was appointed interim director of the Division of Wildlife Resources after former Director Greg Sheehan was named head of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. [DNews]

-> Officials from the Provo Freedom Festival cut an LGBTQ resource center out of their parade after deeming the organization an advocacy group. [Trib] [DNews] [FOX13] [KUTV]

-> Myton, a tiny Utah city, decided to drop an appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court and instead negotiate with the Ute Indian Tribe in a border dispute. [Trib]

-> A grass-roots preservation group is working to keep Murray from tearing down four buildings that are more than a century old. [Trib]

-> West Wendover is considering an ordinance that would allow medical marijuana dispensaries to open in the city. [Trib] [FOX13]

-> For someone who starts a wildfire, the maximum penalty is a class A misdemeanor. [Trib]

-> This year was Millcreek’s first Independence Day as a city. [Trib]

-> For 21 Utahns, their first full day as citizens coincided with Independence Day. [Trib]

-> Pat Bagley depicts what would have happened if dogs had signed the Declaration of Independence. [Trib]

-> Paul Rolly contends that while celebrating Independence Day, citizens shouldn’t forget that the American Dream is still alive for immigrants and refugees like Amandine Akimana. [Trib]

-> Robert Gehrke argues that state Rep. Mike Noel’s discourse on the Brian Head Fire leads residents away from the truth. [Trib]

Nationally: After North Korea successfully tested an intercontinental ballistic missile, the U.S. and South Korea responded with missile exercises of their own. [NYTimes] [WaPost] [Politico]

-> Many Senate Republicans avoided July 4 festivities, but those that attended faced opposition from constituents concerned about the health care bill. [NYTimes] [WaPost]

-> Both the U.S. and Russia are uncertain about what will come of a meeting between President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin during a visit to Europe. [NYTimes] [WaPost]

Where are they?

  • Gov. Gary Herbert takes a natural resources tour with the Six County Association of Governments.
  • State Auditor John Dougall spends time in his office and meets with auditors from the legislative auditor general’s office.

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