Something fishy? Davis County boy collects a free year of Pei Wei because he tried sushi

First Published      Last Updated Apr 10 2015 02:53 pm

Ten-year-old Sam Kelch of Davis County scored himself $500 worth of Pei Wei.

After a video posted on YouTube by his dad, Casey Kelch, went viral (-ish: not yet 500,000 page views), the Asian-inspired restaurant offered the family, "a year of supply of Pei Wei" in the form of a $500 gift card.

In the video, Sam cannot bring himself to eat a piece of sushi, even though his father offers him $10 if he can do so without making any faces or throwing up.

But Sam couldn't do it.

In a follow up video from Sam's dad, Sam finally eats a sushi roll piece (although this time it's a California roll, and the first one appears to have actual raw fish).

And apparently Sam's not alone. Nearly a third of Americans haven't tried sushi, according to a survey conducted by Pei Wei.

Pei Wei conducted the research because it recently introduced sushi on its Asian-inspired menu. This all in the restaurant's efforts to get people to eat more sushi.


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