Captain Marvel joining superhero movie ranks

First Published      Last Updated Jul 27 2016 12:03 am

Another Captain joins the Marvel movie ranks, with the announcement over the weekend that Brie Larson will star as Captain Marvel.

If you're unfamiliar with Larson, she won the Academy Award for best actress this year thanks her role in "Room." If you're unfamiliar with her new superheroic role, don't worry. Before you chip away at the mountain of comic books about Captain Marvel (aka Carol Danvers) before the movie debuts in 2019, here are three things to know about her to catch you up.

• Captain Marvel's a superpowered pilot.

Carol Danvers, a U.S. Air Force pilot, gained super powers after she was exposed to a blast of alien energy. Now, Danvers can fly (on her own), she's superhumanly strong and she can shoot energy from her hands. As Captain Marvel, she fights evil here on Earth alongside The Avengers, as well as in outer space.

• Captain Marvel's made a comeback.

Besides breaking into movies, Danvers is enjoying a resurgence in comic books, too. Any character who's been around for decades (she debuted in 1967) will have a rollercoaster history, and Danvers is no exception.

But in 2012, Captain Marvel got a fresh start with writer Kelly Sue DeConnick and artists like Dexter Soy and David Lopez.

Anyone looking to jump into Danvers' adventures could seek out "Captain Marvel Vol. 1: Higher, Further, Faster, More." She helps bring an alien girl home, only to get tangled up in an intergalactic turf war. While a bit heavy on the space politics, like the "Star Wars" prequels, it also packs the fun, humor and operatic rebellion of the original "Star Wars" trilogy, too.

Utah authors Shannon Hale and her husband, Dean Hale, are writing a young-adult novel about the Avenger, due out later this year.

• Captain Marvel is Marvel's first female superhero to lead a film.

When the movie debuts two years from now, "Captain Marvel" will be Marvel Studios' first solo film about a woman, after years of male-led blockbusters. She's not the first Marvel superheroine to lead a Marvel Studios project, though: That would be Jessica Jones and the Netflix series of the same name.