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    Video: Mormon missionary has a dance-off with Michael Jackson impersonator
    A Mormon missionary and Michael Jackson impersonator held a dance-off on a street of Barcelona, Spain. The YouTube video was uploaded Thursday, and it...

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    Living in Utah? Then you must be one happy son of a gun
    We all know Utah is home to the Happy Valley, but according to a new study by consumer information site Wallet Hub, the entire state could go by that ...

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    GARY OLDMAN as Det. Sgt. Jim Gordon and CHRISTIAN BALE starring as Batman in Warner Bros. Pictures’ action adventure “Batman Begins.” 
Courtesy Warner Brothers Where would Batman’s villains hide out if they invaded Salt Lake City?
    With the series premiere of “Gotham” less than a week away, I put my detective skills to task to figure out where the city’s villains would hide out, ...

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    (Salt Lake City - The morning sun fills the Salt Lake valley with sun leaving the skyline in shadows following a snow storm that covered the Wasatch Front with several inches of snow Monday March 31, 2008.  Steve Griffin/The Salt Lake Tribune)   3/31/08 Website ranks Salt Lake City, Provo among most livable in country
    Maybe it was The Onion’s tourism campaign. You know, the one about how everyone is free to leave Salt Lake City. Yeah, that’s got to be it. At least t...

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    Video shows 1,200-pound pumpkin floating the Colorado River — kind of
    Some adventurers on Thursday posted a video of them gutting a giant pumpkin and then floating it down the Colorado River near Moab. How well it went ...

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    Sen. Jim Dabakis pours a bucket of ice water on Gayle Ruzicka in good fun and for a good cause, to increase awareness of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Utah’s Ruzicka, Dabakis douse each other in ice for revenge…er, charity (video)
    There are plenty of liberals in Utah who would line up to dump a bucket of ice water on the head of Gayle Ruzicka, leader of the ultra-conservative Ea...

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    (Francisco Kjolseth  |  The Salt Lake Tribune)  
Utah loves Jell-O, but the company hasn't included any Utah universities in its campaign to create Jell-O molds for schools' mascots and logos. Jell-O snubs Utah schools with logo and team mascot molds
    To help welcome in the start of college football season, Jell-O is working with 20 schools across the country to market University Jell-O Mold Kits th...

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    Prominent Utah politicians endure cold ones for charity
    Some high-level Utah politicos are taking a cold wet bath for charity, and it makes for some highly entertaining web videos. The American Cancer Socie...

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    I lived in the ‘militarized’ town John Oliver made fun of. Yes, it was that bad.
    As comedian John Oliver’s segment on police militarization goes viral, a lot of attention is being called to his examples: a BearCat to defend a New H...

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    The Onion pokes fun at Salt Lake City tourism
    Utah again showed up on The Onion's radar, this time having some fun with Salt Lake City's tourism industry. The Onion says Utah's capital city unveil...

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    BYU student to Cosmo magazine: Mormon school’s sex ban needs to go
    A Brigham Young University sophomore has taken to the pages of Cosmo to protest the school’s approach on premarital sex. In an article that appeared W...

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