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Utah Hike of the Week: Clyde Lake in the Uintas

First Published      Last Updated Jul 11 2017 03:43 pm

If you are in the Uintas and looking for a path that will take you past a lake, try the trail to Clyde Lake. You won't get just one lake view — you can stop and enjoy at least seven lakes in a route under 5 miles.

Directions • On the Mirror Lake Highway, SR 150, take the Trail and Crystal Lakes turnoff. Follow the signs to the Crystal Lake Trailhead.

Hike • There are a number of trailheads at this parking lot; take the one called "Lake Country Trail." As you follow the dirt trail, you'll soon get a good view overlooking Crystal Lake. Watch for a rusted metal sign labeled "Cliff Lake" that will point you to a trail on your right. Follow this trail, and you will quickly reach Cliff Lake. From here, the trail gets a little more difficult and requires climbing over rocks and boulders as you make your way higher into the mountains. You'll pass a few more lakes — Petite Lake, Linear Lake and Watson Lake —as you continue your climb. Just before you reach your destination, you'll get a glimpse of the larger Wall Lake below. Continue on the trail a little longer, and it will take you into the valley where Clyde Lake is. Take a walk around the lake's edges, or hike west if you haven't seen enough lakes yet — Booker Lake is not far away. This trail can be done as a loop, but we opted to meander on the trail near the shoreline before returning the way we came.

— Jessica Miller

Destination: Clyde Lake

Hiking time • 2-3 hours

Round-trip miles • 4.7 miles

Elevation gain • 484 feet

Difficulty • Moderate

Trailhead restrooms • Yes

Dogs allowed • Yes

Bikes allowed • No

Fees • $6 Mirror Lake Highway recreation fee