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Utah Hike of the week: Limber Pine Nature Trail in Logan Canyon

First Published      Last Updated Oct 06 2016 05:11 pm

Directions • The trailhead is about 30 miles east of the mouth of Logan Canyon on U.S. Highway 89, near the summit but before heading down toward Bear Lake. Watch for signs that will direct you to a small parking lot.

Hike • This is a great hike to take to stretch your legs on your way to or from Bear Lake. With numbered education stations throughout this simple loop trail, you might think it's just for the kids to enjoy. But it's still an enjoyable walk through a pine forest, regardless of whether you have little ones in tow. The trail starts off meandering through pines, but at one point will reach an open, rocky area where you can take a look at the Logan Canyon below. About halfway through the loop, hikers will encounter a large limber tree, which is actually several trees that have grown together over hundreds of years. (This tree is also where the trail gets its name.)

We traveled the trail initially going west, so we weren't able to take a peek at Bear Lake in the distance until after we saw the prominent tree. Those who hike it the other direction, though, will have to watch for the viewpoint before reaching the limber pine tree.

For an online map, go to: http://www.mapmyrun.com/workout/1739414915

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Destination: Limber Pine Nature Trail

Hiking time • 1 hour

Round-trip miles • 1.37 miles

Elevation gain • 56 feet

Difficulty • Easy

Trailhead restrooms • Yes

Dogs allowed • Yes

Bikes allowed • No

Fees • None