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Utah Hike of the Week: Curtis Bench Trail in Goblin Valley State Park

First Published      Last Updated Mar 09 2017 10:34 am

Directions • From the visitor's center, take Goblin Valley Road 1 mile south to an intersection. In front of you and slightly to the right, you will see a sign directing you to the Curtis Bench Trail. Follow the sign and drive another quarter mile to the parking area.

Hike • This short, flat hike offers a view of the goblins that give the park and the surrounding valley their name. From the trailhead, walk south-southeast along the well-marked path. At 0.54 miles, you begin to see goblins and soon see a path to the east that takes you into the valley of the goblins. But if you continue to the south, you soon reach the viewpoint. More goblins will be on the valley floor to the east. Miles to the south, you see the Henry Mountains.

— Nate Carlisle

Digital map available at: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1nlFiEUAhxGNnLWtiWaazOTV6vc8&usp=sharing

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— Nate Carlisle

Destination: Overlook

Hiking time • 1 hour

Round-trip miles • 1.7 miles

Elevation gain • 1,010 feet

Difficulty • Easy

Trailhead restrooms • No

Dogs allowed • Yes

Bikes allowed • Yes

Fees • $13 (park entrance fee)