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    photo courtesy The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints  An LDS family reads together. Mormon feminists score small gains — in word, in song, in lessons, and, they hope, in life
    Mormon feminists are celebrating a few more small steps toward gender equality in their Utah-based faith. February’s edition of the Friend, the LDS Ch...
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    (Trent Nelson  |  The Salt Lake Tribune)   Missionaries at the Missionary Training Center of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Provo Tuesday June 18, 2013. From surge to slump? No, but Mormon missionary tally has dropped by 12%
    It took an extra year, it seems, for the number of Mormon missionaries to settle back into the 70,000s after a post-2012 “surge” swelled the proselyti...
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    U. establishes fellowship in honor of popular emeritus Mormon leader Marlin Jensen
    Marlin K. Jensen was one of the most popular and respected LDS Church historians in recent memory — both within the Utah-based faith and among outside...
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    And it came to pass that a website was created for all things Book of Mormon
    Just as Latter-day Saints worldwide begin their yearlong study of the faith’s signature scripture, a group of members has launched a website, Book of ...
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    FILE - In this Feb. 6, 2013, file photo, the angel Moroni statue, silhouetted against a cloud-covered sky, sits atop the Salt Lake Temple, at Temple Square, in Salt Lake City. A new Mormon church policy targeting gay members and their children has triggered a firestorm of backlash from church members of all political backgrounds. The new rules bar children living with gay parents from being baptized until they’re 18. After that, they can be baptized only if they disavow same-sex relationships. The rules also make gay marriages a sin worthy of expulsion.  (AP Photo/Rick Bowmer, File) Gay leader huddles with Mormon officials, finds ‘genuine empathy and concern’ in wake of policy
    Like many Mormons, John Gustav-Wrathall was troubled when learning of the new LDS policy dubbing same-sex couples as “apostates” and barring their chi...
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    Courtesy LDS Church LDS missionaries in Ghana Mormonism reaches milestone — 30,000 congregations — after period of slower growth
    Though the LDS Church claims more than 15.3 million members, a more important barometer of its continued growth and appeal is the number of congregati...
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    Mormon feminists: Since girls are daughters of ‘Heavenly Parents,’ let them say so
    Now that the LDS Church has publicly and emphatically affirmed its belief in a Heavenly Mother, some feminists believe it’s time to acknowledge her in...
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  • (Chris Detrick  |  The Salt Lake Tribune)   Members of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir sing during the 185th LDS General Conference Saturday April 4, 2015. Tribune town hall will explore how LDS policy change has played out in ward pews
    Is it a hurtful policy or an act of kindness toward children in nontraditional families? Is it worthy of debate or should it be quietly accepted becau...
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    New Mormon volume offers groundbreaking glimpse at founder Joseph Smith’s final year, days
    In the final year of his life, Mormon founder Joseph Smith was mayor of one of the largest cities in Illinois, while directing a burgeoning religious ...
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    Courtesy  |  LDS Newsroom  Elder M. Russell Ballard (right) and other leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints pause for a photo during a visit with guests of a refugee shelter on the Greek island of Lesbos, Friday, November 20, 2015. Mormon apostle’s European visit underscores need to help refugees
    If actions truly do speak louder than words, then in the current debate about refugees, the LDS Church comes down squarely on the side of helping thos...
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    (Steve Griffin  |  The Salt Lake Tribune)     Audience members listen to Gov. Gary Herbert as he reads a scripture from the Bible at the Utah Capitol Rotunda as part of Salt Lake City being selected as the National Bible City for 2013 Monday, November 25, 2013. Christians to blanket the Internet today — with Bible talk
    Twitter will be buzzing Monday with Bible banter. That’s because it’s the International Day of the Bible, and Christians around the globe are being en...
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    (Trent Nelson  |  The Salt Lake Tribune)   Missionaries at the Missionary Training Center of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Provo Tuesday June 18, 2013. Back to the future: New Mormon missionaries to spend more time at MTCs
    Mormon missionaries who don’t need to learn a new language for the country in which they will be serving can count on spending a bit more time anyway ...
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    The mother of all Mormon questions: What is our Mom God like?
    After more than a century and half of de facto believing in a female deity, the LDS Church recently published an essay making it clear — Heavenly Moth...
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    image courtesy Church History Museum  Who Touched Me by Dianne Johnson Adams Crossover art? More Mormon works now featuring crucifixes
    The cross is a compelling image — even for Mormon artists. That was among the observations made by Glen Nelson, one of the jurors in the 10th Internat...
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    (Francisco Kjolseth  |  Tribune file photo)    The Brigham Young University campus in Provo. BYU reaches record number of returned Mormon missionaries, thanks largely to women
    A historic wave of young Mormon missionaries is flowing back to Brigham Young University. “BYU now has more returned missionaries on campus,” reads a ...
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    Demonstrators gesture and hold banners during a Solidarity with Refugees march from Marble Arch to Parliament in London, Saturday, Sept. 12, 2015. (AP Photo/Kirsty Wigglesworth) In face of refugee crisis, head of Mormon charities tells how everyone can help
    Like other Americans, many Utahns feel helpless as they watch thousands of Syrian refugees pour into Europe, fleeing war and devastation back home. Su...
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    Atlanta ward offers a new Mormon Sabbath experience: a class for single parents
    Last spring, as her LDS congregation was gearing up to launch yet another “special” Sunday school class on “marriage and the family,” then-Atlanta War...
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    LM Otero  |  AP file photo A statue of a Boy Scout stands in front of the National Scouting Museum in Irving, Texas. Message from Mormon blogger to Scouts: Drop the Native American symbols
    Now that the LDS Church has decided to stick with the Boy Scouts of America, Utah mother Jo Overton would like Mormons to consider another issue: the ...
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    (Rick Egan  |  Tribune file photo)    Newlyweds get their photo taken after being married in the Salt Lake LDS Temple. Mormonism’s dating dilemma is a guy thing — there aren’t enough of them
    In Utah, there are 150 LDS women for every 100 Mormon men — and that’s causing a problem for a faith in which heterosexual marriage is among its highe...
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    (Courtesy of lds.org) Directing the traditional cornerstone ceremony and dedication of the Phoenix Arizona Temple is President Thomas S. Monson. Assisting him were his second counselor, President Dieter F. Uchtdorf (left); Elder Kent F. Richards executive director of the Temple Department and Elder Dallin H. Oaks of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles (right). As Mormon prophet turns 88, church he leads has grown nearly 25 times larger during his life
    The LDS Church that Thomas S. Monson leads as “prophet, seer and revelator” is nearly 25 times larger than the one he was born into Aug. 21, 1927. As ...
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    (|  Tribune File Photo)   LDS Church spokesman Michael Otterson in 2010 Thus saith Mormon PR boss: We don’t go ‘rogue’
    Every word the LDS Church’s Public Affairs Department issues on behalf of the Utah-based faith has been vetted and approved by higher Mormon authoriti...
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    Flowers bloom in front of the Salt Lake Temple Tuesday, Aug. 4, 2015, at Temple Square, in Salt Lake City. The Mormon church is taking another step in its push to be more transparent, and is releasing more historical documents that shed light on how Joseph Smith formed the religion. (AP Photo/Rick Bowmer) In Mormonism’s crystal ball: a black apostle, more top women leaders, fewer temple weddings?
    By 2020, Mormons will see clapping, brass instruments and some guitar music during worship services, an African apostle speaking at General Conference...
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    A picture of a smooth, brown, egg-sized rock is shown in the printer’s manuscript of the Book of Mormon following a news conference Tuesday, Aug. 4, 2015, at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Church History Library, in Salt Lake City. The Mormon church for the first time is publishing photos of a small sacred stone it believes founder Joseph Smith used to help translate the story that became the basis of the religion. The Mormon church is taking another step in its push to be more transparent, and is releasing more historical documents that shed light on how Joseph Smith formed the religion. (AP Photo/Rick Bowmer) Mormon reaction to Joseph Smith’s seer stone: the stuff of revelation or a rock to mock
    Latter-day Saints are reacting to Tuesday’s first-time-ever release of photos of Mormon founder Joseph Smith’s chocolate-colored “seer stone,” as a Fa...
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    Year-old Greek parish getting its own priest — and he’s a Utah native
    Looks like Utah’s Greek Orthodox community soon will be getting a home-grown priest. Starting on Sept. 1, Anthony — Tony, to his friends — Savas will ...
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    Elder Ryan Mourelatos, left,  and elder Ryan Wood work to bring the message of the LDS Church to the West Valley city area.  Missionaries for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, commonly known as LDS or Mormons, send missionaries throughout the world including Utah where the Church is based.  While there are older couples that also help in this missionary work, the most common face is the young men and women that proselytize door to door.   They encounter many adventures from their day to day work as they work on bringing the LDS religion to the masses.  photo by Danny Chan Some Mormon missionaries may now cast aside suit coats
    The iconic look of Mormon missionaries — dark suit, white shirt, tie and black name tag — has just dropped one element — the suit coat. That is, howev...
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    (Francisco Kjolseth  |  The Salt Lake Tribune)   Brigham Young statue at BYU in Provo. BYU conference to examine religious-freedom issues
    In the wake of the U.S. Supreme Court’s legalization of gay marriage and Utah’s recent passage of anti-discrimination protections for people of faith,...
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    FILE - In this Sept. 3, 2014, file photo, shows flowers blooming in front of the Salt Lake Temple in Temple Square, in Salt Lake City. More than 100,000 Mormons will descend on Salt Lake City beginning Saturday, April 4, 2015 for the faith’s biannual conference to listen to spiritual guidance from leaders and to learn about church news. Millions more will watch live broadcasts of the event from around the U.S. and in more than 200 other countries. This year marks the conference’s 185th year. (AP Photo/Rick Bowmer, File) Memo to Mormons: Those essays have been approved by the faith’s highest leaders
    Sure, the LDS Church gets praise for tackling tough historical and theological issues in its recent essays, but many Mormons don’t take the effort ser...
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    (Courtesy  |  LDS Church)  A church meeting in Ghana, Africa. Mormon women to have more say in plans for weekly services
    Until recently, weekly LDS worship services were planned exclusively by Mormon lay leaders who form a congregation’s three-man “bishopric.” Soon LDS w...
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    Courtesy  |  Intellectual Reserve, Inc.  Craig Whittiker, a member of the House of Commons, with Elder Jeffrey R. Holland of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles in Westminster Hall. Mormon aid helped in 132 disasters last year, apostle Holland says
    Mormons sponsor humanitarian relief around the globe, an LDS apostle told British Parliamentarians on Wednesday, because of their “religious convictio...
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    |  Courtesy Janan Russell  Janan Russell, a Mormon graduate student at Howard University. On 37th anniversary of priesthood ban’s end, black Mormons say race issues still need attention
    Thirty-seven years ago Monday, the LDS Church announced a momentous decision: Its priesthood would henceforth be open “to all worthy male members,” en...
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