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See ospreys in action at Flaming Gorge event

First Published      Last Updated Jul 13 2017 04:58 pm

While fishing in the Duck Creek area last week, I had a chance to watch ospreys fishing for their dinner. There were more than a few times when the birds were much better fishers than we were.

Those wanting a similar experience can join Utah Division of Wildlife Resources on Saturday from 9 a.m. to noon at an area next to the parking lot at the Flaming Gorge Dam visitor center.

Wildlife enthusiasts can see the birds fishing or perching on their huge nests during the free event. There will be spotting scopes and displays.

"The birds are super active this time of year, especially during the morning hours," said Tonya Kieffer, regional conservation outreach manager for the Division of Wildlife Resources. "In the afternoon, the temperature climbs, the wind starts to blow and the birds become less active."

There is also a chance to see golden eagles, turkey vultures and American kestrels, all often seen at the annual event.

According to Kieffer, osprey return to Flaming Gorge every year to breed and raise their young and use the same nest year after year. A 10-foot-high nest is a fairly common sight. She said spotting scopes will be aimed at nests so visitors can see females and their young.

For information, call Kieffer at 435-781-9453.