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Utah musician performs Anna Kendrick’s ‘Cups’ ... with guns

First Published      Last Updated Jan 03 2015 10:57 am

Using cups as musical instruments in a pop song is already out of the ordinary, but a musician from Utah found a way to top that: guns.

Orem native Jim Huish, of the band Amber's Drive, performed the popular "Cups" song from "Pitch Perfect" by shooting guns at plastic cups on a snowy Utah hillside. Specifically, he and another man fired an AR15, an AK47, a CZ75 and a Walther P22, according to the video description on Youtube.

Do not try this at home, at all.

Huish recorded the unorthodox cover on "a ridiculously cold Utah winter day," the video description reads. "Aside from the difficulty of manipulating the guns with frozen fingers, the guns were malfunctioning because of the cold as well."

Since going online Sunday, the video had amassed more than 1 million views. The cover's success "is so incredibly exciting for us," Huish wrote on his band's Facebook page.

Amber Drive's music, as far as what's freely available on their website, is gun free and performed with actual musical instruments.

— Michael McFall

Twitter: @mikeypanda